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Jason Gray

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You can put me down on this, just waiting to exchange licenses and I am back yet again but for good (All done I am back with studio one), still very familiar with studio one in great depth. and being a beta tester will help me convince myself of its development although I stupidly should not ever leave again, probably just me being inpatient as I do like to delve with future tech and features / functions, bare In mind I have used and followed s1 since day one and right up until now and here on the forums, although I had to recreate my user name after the forum change some time ago now, so lost a lot of user posting.

In my favour I do quite intricate productions using many functions and as I do Various types of club music shall we say.
although I guess the proof is in the listening I do put it all through its paces no matter what DAW, so bare me in mind please after I have been back for a little while and showed you my attitude change for the better in my music making to prove how complex my tracks can be involving studio one and that I am really truly here to stay and nothing will sway that anymore. beta testing will help keep me exited, its just how my mind works I normally get caught up in the big DAW sales patter about new features and functions, but I have now learned many valuable lessons I am sticking with my heart and my brain not rival sales pitches.

all I ask on checking out my first major tune I will do in a short space of time once back next week latest after my license exchange has gone through and if that proves I have really craft my song very very well and professional that I be considered, I needed this beta test from day one really, I would never have been swayed I love peaking into the future don't we all lol . anyhow its been heard before, just glad to be back again very soon lol.


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Just imagine being able to have this view in s1, for multiple lanes at the same time, better than the multi lane midi editor,which is more for orchestral arrangent, and bare in mind you cant beat this for drum sequencing also, its a must have view.
Cubase edit in place
sonar inline piano roll
and a few others Daws also have this editing feature.

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Would love to be a beta tester. I have used S1 since it came out and am very familiar with the beta process as I have done so many times. I beta Tested for Presonus before (UC), but my schedule was very stringent at that time, so I was not as useful as I would be now.

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The beta for Studio One is full. We have a waiting list of at least 20+ people so the registration for Studio One beta testing is closed until further notice whenever people leave or we have a need for more people to join.

Thank you for your interest in Studio One Beta.
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