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new compitition for the QSC K12 and JBL PRX612
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I am of the opinion that the DSR 112 power rating is a peak rating...

Does this mean that t hey are closer to 700 watts in the real world?

This would put them well below the QSCs...

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I purchased my Yamaha DSR112's about 18 months ago.

Before I did, I performed a pretty comprehensive sound test at GC (granted, it would have been better in a larger room) with the QSC K12, KW122, and the JBL PRX612m.

I really wanted to walk out of the room with the JBL speakers. I liked the brand name, I loved the weight, and loved the features.

Unfortunately, after doing a barrage of tests with different kinds of recorded music through a SL 16.4.2 and my microphone and Taylor guitar, it was hard not to hear the difference in the clarity and punch of the DSR's.

The K12's (as someone else mentioned) simply got ugly and harsh at higher volumes.

The PRX612 didn't do anything bad ..... but it just lacked the excitement and life coming out of the DSR112's. This was particularly true with respect to the punch of the LF driver.

Now, I have had lots of gigging on these speakers. They have been run hard and occasionally even improperly (I accidentally had one dimed into limiting all night at a really big >250 person gig). They have performed perfectly even in the presences of stupidity. Further, the heat sink never gets more than warm to the touch.

I have also heard the EV ELX112's since I purchased my speakers and did my big assessment (about 2 hours long). They were OK, but the finish on them is just crap.

My rating would be: ELX112<K12<KW122<PRX612<DSR112
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