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First Look at the New iPad App - StudioLive Remote
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I have my iPad now, so I'll join the cries from the back seat of "Are we there yet?"

Oh - and stop making videos of cool stuff I can't have yet

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So I got my iPad connected to my Dell laptop via an ad hoc network with "TightVNC" running on the laptop and the light version of Mocha VNC on the iPad. I ran StudioOne on it and noticed the meter level bars are worthless as they can't react quickly enough, or sometimes don't react at all.

This led me the question of how good are they on the native Ipad app? Rick's video has no audio going through so you can't see, but I saw another video from NAMM of a woman demoing it and the meters were moving right along in what appeared to be real time. Hopefully that's real world performance. I'm assuming everything will be much faster without the need for screen redrawing from the host computer when using the VNC method.

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The iPad app is much more responsive than using VNC, the lag is almost imperceptible. I found that within minutes I was thinking of my iPad as "the mixer", rather than thinking of it as "the remote control". It felt that natural.

Uncle Billy

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do u realy need that router or can just make some conectivity direct from pc to i pad and what range they give me i dont need to move so far away.

my notebook is a samsung r 480

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Bump on Uncle Billy's post. Using an iPad->Windows 7 laptop configuration, is there really a need for a router? Are the DPC spikes really that bad if you host an ad-hoc network (though I'm not even sure how to set that up in Windows - all the vids are Mac-biased). Like Uncle Billy, I would be in the 10's of feet range in between. If answer is yes, can anyone recommend a good micro-router that'll work between the two (iPad/PC)?
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PGalati wrote:What would be a "killer app" would allow the musician to use an iPod/ iPhone/ iPad as a personal wireless mixer. Obviously there would be way too much latency but imagine having the StudioLive Remote generate audio streams based on the aux send(s) you want to hear and replace say, an Aviom. Walking around the venue with your Wifi iTouch with headphones listening to the various mixes would be cool.

Just to bring this back up to the top! I could not agree more. When mixing FOH and Monitors at the same time, I would really like to use the SL Remote like I do now, by selecting the Solo function of each monitor or aux send and listening to what I am adjusting.
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