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i work with an act that uses an old alesis HD24 for playback of click, keys, extra backing guitar tracks, etc...
every other laptop solution failed. it only takes one glitch to make any band look foolish/milli-vanilli, ya know...
the ol' hard drive playback is dependable and hasn't failed them for 2 years+
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hi everyone very new to the back tracks concept i would like to learn more about this, guess firstly i have 24.4 board, mac pro, i pad, now in regards to back tracks what is the best way to start, and where is best way to get back tracks, also would like to run click track for drummer, and Front of house separate, if any one can guide me a bit here would be appreciated this

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My wife just got the Digitech JamMan Stereo. It is a stompbox with 4 stomp buttons. Track up, track down, play and stop. While the box does looping as well, we just inserted a 64gb SD card that can store 6 hours of WAV files. It even has an LED that will flash the tempo of the selected track before you click play and syncs with the track when you are playing.

We did a gig last night for the Governor of Florida (first with the new box) and everything worked flawlessly. The software (Mac & PC) is a bit wonky but the box is solid and won't crash like a computer.
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Hi All,
SyncInside 1.1 is now available!!!
This version is completely compatible with iOS7.
Thank you for your patience waiting and many thanks to all the betatester for your precious collaboration!

Francesco Montrone –

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Here is a first version of a different variant of the program.
With the ability to send MIDI control changes.

(Read the info file in the Help-Menu)


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