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What happened to my Guitar Rig 3 LE presets?
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Hi, everyone. I've been using S1 Artist on my Mac for a few months now and was generating a song with a bass part and a guitar part that use Guitar Rig 3 LE presets. As of yesterday, I opened this song file and found that Guitar Rig is still inserted into the appropriate channels, but the presets are gone. When I open up Guitar Rig as a standalone program, I also see no presets. Sound bank files for the presets are in the correct folder- I didn't move anything that I know of- but when I try to "import" these banks, nothing happens. Apple recently released a few updates to the OS 10.5... maybe that has something to do with it? I saw on a different discussion site that this same problem happened with GR2 running on some Windows machines... the date of that discussion was late 2008.

Tech details: running S1 Artist ver 1.5.2 on iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo with 4GB 800 MHHz DDR2 SDRAM, using Mac OS 10.5.8.

Thanks for any help!
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