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Hello. Some months ago I've bought from Thomann a FP-10. I own a Mac Pro early 2008, 3,2ghz 8core with 16gb of ram, Snow Leopard. The Firepod is connected through a firewire 400/800 cable. That should be less that 1m long.

I use Logic Pro 9.1.1 for registering. Just 1 electric or acoustic guitar and voice. But even using 1 channel (just guitar or just voice) I have a real fastidious latency. With 128 samples I obtain about 20ms of latency, but you can clearly hear it. And I guess it maybe even higher. Guitar and/or mic are directly connected to the FP10. No pedals or effects. I get latency even using Garageband or just Guitar Rig 4. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just normal to have such a latency (I don't know if it's 20ms or much more, believe me, you can clearly feel it) with a 400€ soundcard.

I really hope you can help me.
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