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How to use Auto Punch feature?
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I am alone in my studio and trying to repair some drum parts. So, I would like to give myself a few bars head start, with sticks in hand playing and have Studio One start recording automatically at a marker I have designated. I have clicked the Auto Punch icon at the marker. I hit play a few bars before, and it does not start recording at the marker. I hit Record a few bars before the marker, but it starts recording right away. Obviously I am doing something wrong, or I am trying to do something that does not exist in Studio One.

Any help is always appreciated.


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This is one of the most confusing things in S1. Unlike the way you would think, to auto punch you don't hit the record button but the PLAY button on the transport (and S1 switches to record mode at the designated position, then out of record mode later).

One other useful feature you migt use: if you' don't need to punch In and out (just in), use the roll-back feature. You position the time marker where you want to start recording and press record and it backs up the song position a number of bars but only starts recording at the appropriate time.

Hope this helps.
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"I have clicked the Auto Punch icon at the marker. I hit play a few bars before, and it does not start recording at the marker"

Maybe you forgot to arm that track for recording.....

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