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[Feature Request] Rudimentary transport controls for Capture from 16.4.2 surface?
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Dear Presonusers,

I thought of a second feature request

Currently we run our StudioLive 16.4.2 to a "headless" Mac Mini. We address the Mini via a VNC client.

For this configuration it would be fanstastic if there were rudimentary transport controls for Capture that could be setup by buttons on the 16.4.2 or from the SL Remote Application. The ones that come to mind are arm/record/play/set marker/skip ahead marker/skip back marker.

I have no idea if this is possible, but I would make using the desk with a headless computer better.

-Phil G

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I'm looking at making a similar setup (there is room for a mac mini under the desk in its flycase ). I'll keep you updated on if i needed a screen or not in the end. my plans are to strip the Operating system to the bare minimum, make capture launch at boot/login time. I will look also at some automation programs to see if I can trigger a mouse click on some portion of the screen by a keypress.

Otherwise it might be feature request for the nice developers at Presonus : have keyboard shortcuts to enable headless recording
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