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[Feature Request] User adjustable Low/High Q value points in VSL for 16.4.2
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Hello Presonusers,

First time reader/poster. I like that you've unified the site logins.

Our church is the proud owner of a new 16.4.2, and after using it for one event, I can tell I am going to really enjoy this little console. Since my background is mixing primarily on consoles with fully parametric eq, the one thing I am missing already is fully adjustable Q. That said, I think I have a workable compromise that I enumerate below:

[Tech - Speak] Dear Presonus code engineer, I realize that you probably have limited memory address space for storing biquad filter coefficients. I also realize that you can probably only flip-flop between two coefficient filter tables (i.e. normal and high q and/or normal and shelf).

Therefore I suggest the following compromise: allow the user to define the "normal" and "high" Q values in VSL, then recalculate the biquad coefficients and store them to the desk, addressable in two tables as before. For further tweakage, allow users to pick a 1st or 2nd order shelving filter, and re-calculate those coefficients in the same manner.

I assume you use bilinear Z transform, so this shouldn't be too hard to implement. Heck you could even consider re-defining them on a per channel basis so that Q would appropriate to the input.

And while on this topic, could you add a pole to the HPF filter on the console, the rolloff rate is awfully slow for live sound work, and almost necessitates aux fed subwoofers. Thanks!

[/Tech - Speak]

As an engineer mixing music I would be pretty happy with a "normal" Q of 1-1.6 and a "high" q of 3-4. For working a corporate event with lavalier microphones I would prefer a "normal" Q in the 2-3 range, and a "high" Q in the 6-8 range. As long as I could set these as locked values before the event, I wouldn't mind not being able to change them mid show.

Just a thought for Universal Control. Thanks for listening!

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-Phil G
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