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Would anyone like to share their best Reason setup/workflow in Studio One?
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I'd be keen to hear how people best use Reason in SO when it comes to programming/recording separate tracks for separate modules/sounds. (Example: NN-XT running strings, another sampler running bass). Is it better to run a second instance of Reason as another Rewire VSTi on a second track, or start recording separate tracks inside Reason? Or is it possible to create a new track in SO and route it midi-wise to a single instance of Reason? (Sorry, I haven't looked that hard myself yet).

Incidentally, using Reaper as a Rewire VSTi is great, because it gave me access to some favourite DXi's, but I couldn't figure out a MIDI channel configuration that isolated Reaper during recording of OTHER VSTi tracks during recording only (playback was fine). In other words, Reaper echoed my playing on the other tracks no matter what I tried MIDI channel-wise. Only muting the output solved this. Not stressed about this- just curious and I gave up too easy. But I wondered if someone had a simple answer.

Cheers, Graeme.
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