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Hey folks,

I'm not really sure if this is a new issue for me or not, but my news feed is showing a topic from August 2011 as the only item in the feed. Seems old.

Can anyone think of why this might be? I've tried several things, restarting the program, restarting my computer etc...(yes it's connected to the internet).

I don't suppose there's some strange port I have to open in either my software or hardware firewall?

Any suggestions would be helpful...not a showstopper know how us folks are. Everything has to be perfect at all times

- Gizz
Computer: Lenovo y560, 2.0 GHz quad core, 8 gb RAM, Win 7 (x64)
Presonus "Stuff": Studio One Pro, Presonus Firestudio Mobile, Studiolive 16.0.2, Faderport
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