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S1 comes alive with x64 (fast song switch)
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I just wanted to mention that one of the killer features of S1 is the "fast song switch". For this to be really fun, you will need x64, because only then your host can easily load all the plugins etc. than make "fast song switch" fun.

So please come and vote / ask for x64 and push this thread up on Gearslutz...

By the way: we need more x64 hardware support. It's the biggest bottleneck.


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My system: Mac Pro 2012v with the latest OS-X and the latest Studio One DAW and the latest plugins. It's always up2date, to every component. I use Internet studio management software (PluginUpdate, Mac OS X App Store, Update Checkers, KVR, etc.). It's the bleeding latest with every bug fix available applied.
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