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how do i spot new posts to a thread in this new forum setup? For example; the StudioLive page will show a little blue light next to any topic/thread that has received a new post, but opening the thread i cant see any indicator showing posts i haven't read yet. Makes it hard to start reading from where i left off. Find myself re reading older posts. Old forum would show a little orange page from memory.

Am i just not noticing, or have a setting wrong?
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Yeah, that's annoying. As I recall, the old forum used to (maybe this was an option that I had set) display the posts backwards, from newest to oldest, so the first one I see is the latest one posted to a thread. This version doesn't seem to have that option, nor another one that's common on VBB systems, the "go to first unread post" link or button. It would be good if they could implement that or turn it on if it's already available.

Oh, and I wish it gave the option to display the message date "American style" - 7/30/2010 instead of 30/7/2010. And showing the time relative to my own time zone would be nice, too. These are all things that were user settings on the "standard" systems.

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