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VERY IMPORTANT! Users who have Asus motherboards w/ AI Suite
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I recently built a new computer for audio production along with a Firestudio Project and kept having issues with cracking/popping/audio dropouts.
I ran latency mon, dpclat and searched the forums forever trying to find a solution to the problem, turns out ai suite on my Asus sabertooth 990fx was the issue. Just simply exit the program or end the process and those issues shouldn't be a problem.
Figured I'd save similar users a headache or two who had the same problems I had.

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I have Asus moth. and I have same problem. I dont know what with it.
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You'll need to disable it. Or shut it down.

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Thank you!

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Hi All, I also picked up latency pop outs and found that AI Suite II (which I use) was the cause. It is a very helpfull program for the ASUS motherboards but the audio pop outs was simply not on.

My advice is leave the program as installed. Go to settings and just disable the monitoring functions. Hopefully your latency problems will improve if AI Suite was the cause of it.

I hope this helps
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