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V2 Folders and Mute/Solo
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I noticed a rather annoying problem (or feature ) with folders working the other night:

I had about 20 of guitar tracks, some of them muted, some playing, I put them all in a folder and then noticed folder had a Mute
button lighted up. Ofcourse the button being all red and shiny I couldnt resist pressing it - and it unmuted all the trakcs I wanted
to be muted, while pressing it again, it muted all the tracks in the folder.

Nothing I could not fix with a few undo-s ofcourse, and getting S1 to do what I want, sending the folder to a bus, and muting from there,
but the question is, what for are the mute and solo buttons there in the first place? I might accidentaly press it sometimes and mess up all my track mutes.

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Well, it seems, the mute/solo-buttons on the folders header are there to mute or solo the complete folder...... so its not a bug, it's a feature

To me it sounds just logical to open the folder and mute the single tracks I want to have muted, then close the folder and leave it alone. But It'd
be a cool new feature to have a third button "mute/unmute, whatever was muted before closing the folder" (and a fourth for solo)
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I would highlight the events on the track that i wanted to mute and press Shift+M. Now those tracks will be muted even if the mutebutton is not pressed.

(It might just be Alt+M... don't remember right now...)

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It is shift-m, but I think muting tracks as events would confuse me even more
I guess I stick to muting them at bus, and try to stay clear from that folder mute button.
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