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Universal controll will not work on Windows 7
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I guess I must be lucky.

I always install the latest drivers when ever they become available. So far (and I'm touching wood here) NO problems.

Oh, and I use the default W7 64bit Firewire drivers with a Lacie TI chipped card.

I did have a problem for a couple of days about the unit not shaking hands with my PC, but that was due to "user" error. However, on the advice of the Presonus Help Desk I now turn my FS 26x26 on BEFORE I boot up thePC. Since I started doing that I've been trouble free for more than a year.

I guess each PC/Laptop/Mac is different after all


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I was/am having the same problem in Windows 7 64-bit. Universal Control wouldn't open, even though Firestudio showed solid blue light. Working in Cubase 6, I was able to use the Firestudio audio and MIDI functions, but my Digimax FS was not working and FS control panel would not open through Cubase.

I tried each of the solutions in this thread, with no luck until I went through the steps that jabtel recommended (using my XP laptop) and I've made SOME progress. Now Universal Control opens, but in a minimized window that I can't maximize, or even drag the corners. I can't scroll or anything, so it's useless as is... Can anyone recommend a solution?


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I have followed all of jabtel's recommended steps using my XP machine, and I am now certain that my Firestudio has the latest firmware and my machine is running Universal Control 1.2. Everything works fine on my XP machine but my Win 7 64bit machine Universal Control doesn't recognize my Firestudio. The Firestudio shows up in Device Manager under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers but Universal Control doesn't recognize it.

I have run the OHCI tool as described in this post and verified my chipset is on the compatibility list and has no problems with the Firestudio:

I've also uninstalled the drivers manually and reinstalled as described in this same post, no luck.

Any ideas?

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jabtel wrote:I have a Firestudio 26x26. I have Windows 7 64 Pro. Here is what fixed it.

You need the v3.0.108 driver which is here;

You need an XP computer with firewire. Disconnect the Firestudio. Uninstall the older presonus driver from XP.
Install v3.0.108.
When finished installing Connect the Firestudio.
Let XP install the Firestudio.
v3.0.108 will then tell you that you need to upgrade firware. You may need to start the Firestudio software first.
Do the upgrade using v3.0.108.
It will reboot the firestudion and the firmware will be upgraded,
turn off the fire studio.
Uninstall v3.0.108 from the XP
install the universal control ver 1_2 on the xp.
When finished turn the firestudio on.
Let XP install the drivers
When finished start the Universal control software
Right click the icon in the system tray to "show launcher"
on launcher go to settings - check firmware
it will want to upgrade the firmware, let it do so
when finished it will tell you that firestudio firmware upgrade is complete when you powercycle the firestudio.
Close the Universal control software and powercycle the firestudio.

On Win7 computer, remove Presonus software (if present) and reboot.
Install Universal control
connect firestudio.

thank you sooo much for figuring this out and posting it... i thought i was screwed but i followed your instructions and now my firestudio is working with windows7... phew!! really appreciate the help!


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I have been using a Firestudio for years now and this is the exact reason why I will NEVER invest on a Presonus interface again.

Every time you change something on your system, you have to go on a week long quest deep into dark corners of internet for a forgotten firmware or driver that somebody somewhere thought it would be useful for someone sometime. And there is always some trick to make it work.

And a wall of silence from Presonus.

Thank you and good bye Presonus.

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Farewell and best of luck to you.

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This worked for me Windows 7 64bit!

Click Start, click Run, type Regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.
Locate and then click the following registry subkey:

On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
Type EnabletLabelBitmap, and then press ENTER.
Right-click EnabletLabelBitmap, and then click Modify.
Type 1 in the Value data box, and then click OK.
Exit Registry Editor.
Restart the computer.
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