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fek I am spent out noooooooooooooo
i5 @4.4Ghz, 16 GB Ram, GTX 550TI graphics
OS:Win7 64
Focusrite Sappire Pro 24DSP, M-Audio Oxygen 49 (3rdGen), KRK Rokit 6, Cakewalk MA-150.
Main DAW S1, Creation DAW Reason,
Fav plugs in no particular order: BDF3, Amplitube3, Guitar Rig 5, Kuassa Crème and Vermillion, Elysia mpressor, iZotope: Nectar 2, Alloy2, Ozone5, Waves: Center, PuigTec, V comp,VEQ, Kramer Master Tape, CLA guitars, Maserati DRM, CLA comps, Reel ADT, Scheps73, plus few more I can't remember

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pay for an upgrade? poo! let 'em try...

Window$ Pro 7 64-bit
AMD 965 Quad Core w/ 16 Gb RAM (Desk)
i5 Dual Core w/6 Gb RAM (Lap)
Studio One Pro 2.6.2
Focusrite 2i2, Audiobox USB
RODE NT-1A, MXL 910, Audio Technica Pro63, CAD C9 & TSM411

Slate Digital RC-Tube Console based on the RCA BC-6B Radio Desk, Slate Digital Virtual Bus Compressors, Waves Kramer Master Tape, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Abbey Road Reel ADT, Melda Productions MAutoDynamicEQ and the Slate Digital FG-X (My Base Foundation Plugins) and a few other trinkets...

Most great things American came out of American garages. That fact alone bums me out 'cause I don't have a garage! ~Knot Hardly

For All You Twits @knot_hardly

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hidiby: I think that photo MUST be Rick in twenty years time.....
JBranam : I allways say : Off Ladies, not On, Off. Then it goes on and on and on and.....

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Windows 7 64bit Pro, Studio One 2.6 Pro, Cubase 7.5, Logic, Pro Tools, MacBook Pro, 24.4.2, 2 Projects, Firestudio 2626, Mackie MCU, Mackie PROFX 22, All Steinberg CMC´s, Yamaha SY 55, DSI Mopho, KRK Rokits 6´s, KRK VXT 8´s, SE Electronics HP6, SM Audio Mpatch 2.0+ 2.1, CME 61, Nocturn 25, UAD Plugins Galore, TC Voicelive Touch, Faderport, UAD Apollo Twin Duo, Satellite Quad, Quad PcIe, JoeMeek MC2, DBX 266XS. TC C300x3, M350, Yamaha REV 7.

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