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who is using Alicia's Keys?
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Are those 3 the same girl?

Now I see the photo of the dog btw, I didn't know what people were talking about.
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hibidy wrote: Are those 3 the same girl?

There could be 40 pictures of her posted and people would ask the same question. Keys' mother is of half Italian and half English/Irish/Scottish descent, and Keys' father is African American
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Of the NI pianos it's the best one. I used it a lot until I bought Ivory II.

You can turn off the reverbs and stuff like that. AKs supports half-pedaling if your keyboard does which is a plus. You can get some decent sounds with it. For the price w/$25 off try it, unless you see something else that they have that you want.

With Ivory II, I find myself leaning toward the Bosendorfer and just forgetting about the others. I always end up adjusting the attack curves anyway to even out my attack and slap a compressor on them because I don't practice anymore.
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I like it when I need a piano that has "bottom" to it. It's a nice piano sound and it's heavy.

However... I prefer Cinesamples Piano in Blue to all pianos. Yes, the NI stock pianos are thing, but sometimes that's what I want in HipHop. So... it really depends on the situation. I only go to AKeys when my current piano is missing weight.
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