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I used to do it that way (a LONG time ago) but 2 things changed my way of doing it. First off, there is no right or wrong way to do it... that said, "it's easier to ADD vocals if the next band comes along and has a standard setup...I'm typically set up for 4-5 vocals, and because if your going to mix on other peoples systems, like I do, then conforming is much easier... because they aren't going to re-patch just for you!

So, the typical setup then...
Drums>drum overheads>Bass> guitars>other instruments>vocals> efx returns. at least where I come from!
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i setup pretty much the same as gadget except after Bass i do all other DI based stuff i.e. keys.

Drums->Drum overheads->Bass->keys (if i have them)->Guitars->Other stuff (Sax, flute)->Vox->FX

For Aux Sends i do (from aux 1 to 4 on the SL) Left of stage->Centre->Right of stage->Drum fill.
Note that left of stage is when i am looking at it from the mixing console, not when looking at the audience.
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