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sharing song files between S1 users...
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woodbeast wrote:Tis all good guys. Gooble on or Dropbox on.
Looks like Lmike knows what I am saying.
FTP COMPLEX? It may be for some people but if you know how to enter a user name and password, IP Address in a window you will be good to go.

I hear ya wood beast. I think what it comes down to for me anyways is that the more steps that need to be taken to set up an FTP the less interested any of my friends will be in using it with me. which really means no more collaboration. it's already like pulling teeth just to get these guys up to snuff with Gobbler which is a total joke. It took about 5 years just to get these guys a sound card so they can actually write and record at home. I'm relatively computer savvy and do know how to enter a username and password . It boils down to ease of use for the people i'm working with. and quite honestly i could really care less if Gobble takes a track and does something with it. in fact i might be flattered.

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