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Has this been resolved yet? I have a new Mac Mini and it seemed fine to me. I used my Windows 7 Laptop the other night with no issues at all from the iPad. Since I updated the latest of the UC updates from the PreSonus download pages, the board installed the updates and it seemed to run just fine.
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Hi, I am not sure if this is the reason why I'm tearing my hair out, can anyone advise -

At home I have standard wi-fi via a central router, and when the MacBook and iPad are both connected to my home wifi, everything works perfectly. At a gig, I set up a personal network on the MacBook (wi-fi, create network etc.) and then connect the iPad to it. UC can see the iPad, as normal, but SL Remote, on the iPad does not come up with any available devices, normally it picks the SL16:4:2 up straight away. This only seemed to happen after I installed the latest operating system for the MacBook - OSx 10.9.1. I'm stumped!!?? Gigging tonight with the SL on stage and desperately need my iPad to work! HELP!?

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I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago after updating to the new the OS and went crazy. You will need to get an external wifi router. Creating a wifi network from the Mac will not work. And actually since using an external wifi router connection is 100% better and no drops in connection. I have just a basic(cheap) links router that is working great

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Hiya, thanks for the reply, I thought I was going bonkers!!

So with the most recent updates you can no longer connect to the Mac via an ad hoc private network? That's stupid.

I did manage to get it working last night, but I tried so many things I'm not even sure what it was that fixed it! Bluetooth I think....!

I'll get an Apple Airport Express I think, a couple of my mates use them and have zero issues!


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Ad hoc is never a reliable connection for the StudioLives. Everyone I have ever talked to who had tried it said it eventually failed. Just get a good router.
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This issue was resolved long ago and the current version posted on the app store works with iOS 7.

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