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Wow Really? Really?
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eike wrote:i thought studio one artist was the software that came for free with your hardware? i recommend trying it out before complaining.

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total drive-by
New computer:

2.6.2/win7x64 ultimate/SSD os and library/i7 4770/16GB ram

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Texas Willie wrote:
Daw stew wrote:Welcome back godparticle

LOL....Error 37!


Indeed.... E R R O R 3 7!!!!

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"Just because you ain't paranoid i doesn't mean they're not out to get you"

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What type if interface is it that won't work properly with artist. You are very vague on your rant
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Wow What a 8==================>
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cant say i know anyone who has joined a forum just for the purpose of complaining

troll maybe???

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Ok let's break this down shall we?

"You sell a program for 100 dollars and don't offer plugin support"

-Anyone who buys something, does extensive research 1st and foremost. That's like buying a used car[or even a BRAND NEW ONE] and not seeing what features come with the car, and the history of it, plus comparing prices and features of other competing vehicles. Obviously you didn't do ANY research and on top of that did not see what features were enabled or not. So I take it you're the type of person who buys food, with certain mixed in ingredients that you could be possibly allergic to, and then eat it, and then complain when you have a serious allergic attack.

"Even Audacity has that and that's free, same with Reaper."

-Audacity isn't a DAW for one, and 2 Reaper isn't FREE. Once you past the evaluation date you are technically ILLEGALLY using the software. Just so you know...

"In other words you want me to shell out an additional 300 hundred dollars so that I can use my interface properly?"
-I spent 250$ and got a Audiobox USB/damn good condenser mic/Badass Studio headphones/a cool sticker/some rubber thingy I don't know what's it for[lol]/and Studio One V2 Artist, WITH, the upgrade path to professional for 100$. If you ask me PreSonus is being freaking kind as hell doing that, and LOSING OUT on money.[in my opinion, but hey, they're nice people and I'm glad for that] And you don't have to spend another 300 dollars IF. YOU. DID. SOME. RESEARCH. BEFORE. BUYING.

"That's incredibly ridiculous not to mention greedy."
-I started out using:
-Reaper[until the 32nd day then I stopped. This is when they had the 30 day period.]
-Podium Free[the free version, that is totally legal, free, but has limitations I don't like. Plus missing features, but to me it's the most stable free DAW out there to get started on to save money and "then do research on the DAW that I would need before buying it". Did I mention I did research before buying it? I think I did..]
-Saved enough dough to buy a DAW. Did "some research" and after my teacher who taught me music[Paul Udarov] said to get the audiobox USB, after much deliberation I decided to do it, knowing that Artist is limited. Used Podium Free for about 2 more weeks and spent 100 bucks on the upgrade path. Haven't regretted it since. Because I did research before I bought it. Did I mention I did research before buying it? Oh yeah, I did.

And they're not greedy, as I said buying the Audiobox then the 99$ upgrade path was cheap[and very generous] to me. And I'm a CHEAPO and I also waited until they had the Christmas sale where upgrading to the final "professional version" was only 119!!! So all in all I spent....ooohh let's see...470$ rounded to the nearest 10? Yeah. So PreSonus is more GENEROUS and CHEAP to their customers than GREEDY. I don't know where you're getting this from but please reconsider your "rage" on something else.

"Bottom line. I'm not a producer, I don't own a studio, I don't have 300 dollars to just throw at a program."

-Neither am I, nor do I "own a studio either". I worked at a PART-TIME MALL JOB. Busted my ASS to save what little I could and PreSonus was kind enough to offer numerous occasional discounts to those interested. And I was INTERESTED.[Because I'm a cheapo, lol] I didn't have 300$ to "throw at a program", but I saved up, and gave them whatever I could if I had it, and it just so happens I had it because of GENEROUS DISCOUNTS TO THOSE INTERESTED. Stop bashing them so much, maybe deep down, you know it's your own fault, yet you vent at them for your own mistakes, which is wrong. And I'm sure if you asked them kindly and generously and RESPECTFULLY gave them a "letter of concern", they could either refund you or find a way to accommodate for your trouble. But if you're going to be a jerk, then I wouldn't want to help you either, whether I was a company or not.

"I'm a musician, I need software for recording and making a few touches here and there, to do this I need the basic plugins my interface comes with, you know the ones that I actually know how to use because I don't have the time or the care to mess with all the other crap."

-You're a musician. HA! A "real musician" uses whatever tools they are given and makes the best of it. A "real" musician gives 110% effort, sacrifice, and hard work to whatever he/she is striving for to obtain it. "I" worked at a part-time MALL JOB[Mall jobs SUCK by the way] and I got the full software due to patience, understanding, research, discounts, and "The Will to Be".[It's the name of my debut album....see what I did there?] You're calling yourself a "musician"? Please. Don't offend me again.[and others out there who are "real" musicians]

"Well thanks for nothing, thank god I don't have anymore of your products, you seem like the type of company that would make the costumer buy the inputs and dials for their interface separately."

-Thanks for "nothing"? If what YOU messed up on is nothing, then so be it. You don't have their amazing products anymore? Ok, cool. But- YOU seem like the type who[like I said] would go to a store, buy something with a ingredient in it that you're allergic to, not CHECK it, EAT it, break out or have a allergic attack, and then complain to the company it had something in it that you KNOWINGLY was allergic TO. /facepalmheadesksmashesheadwithguitar

Your Biggest Fan"

-You're not a fan. You're a gnikcuf idiot who thinks trolling a great company like PreSonus will make them bow down to you and also make them give you whatever you want, or what you would "consider a reimbursement".


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Till next time.

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eike wrote:i thought studio one artist was the software that came for free with your hardware? i recommend trying it out before complaining.

That's if he bought presonus hardware. If he paid $100 for S1Artist, he didn't buy presonus hardware.

Either way, it should only be $100 to upgrade to the Producer version, but it's not explained in a straight forward way on their site.... when you register.

But I do agree with the original poster. No VST/ReWire support is odd & not the norm for this industry. Most other DAWs will give you VST & ReWire support, but limit your track count, sends, effect slots, inputs & outputs.

As a musician I can live with those limitations much easier than I can without VST/ReWire support. I bought Komplete8 & can't use it with S1. I could upgrade for $99 to add that functionality, but it's much easier to use AbletonLite8 (which I got free with my MBox2Pro along with ProTools 7.4), or ProTools10 (which I got with my ElevenRack), or MagixMusicStudio (which I can buy for $50)

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HamKent wrote:cant say i know anyone who has joined a forum just for the purpose of complaining

troll maybe???

Like I said, total drive-by
New computer:

2.6.2/win7x64 ultimate/SSD os and library/i7 4770/16GB ram

Focusrite saffire 14/Novation impulse 49/tons of VST goodies


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he got an artist *bundle* license. wherever and whyever. (which is really all i wanted to contribute here, but then nowhere there is as much sociability as with a solid lynching). i he had not i'd agree to the drive-by trolling. here i 'd say the guy smelled a free lunch, but only got the roadkill. couldn't resist. kill the witch.

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the guy smelled a free lunch, but only got the roadkill.

Don't knock it till you've tried it.....LOL!!

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infinitoar wrote:
Audacity isn't a DAW

To be fair, no software package by itself can be a DAW, but to say Audacity (coupled with a PC) isn't I guess that depends on your definition of a DAW. It seems to meet the Wikipedia definition as much as any other.

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The level of retardness in this post is awe-inspiring.
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CPhoenix wrote:The level of retardness in this post is awe-inspiring.

What's more amazing is how the scene of a drive by shooting can remain at the top of the forum for many days after the shooter is long gone.

Draw a chalk mark around the body, let the coroner take some photos, wash down the bloody sidewalk with a water hose, move on.

P.S. Thank you for the information kind sir.

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