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Column Line Arrays?
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Look into how the length of the hang effects the lowest frequency that has the pattern control you are looking for.

I think there's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the marketing of short line arrays.

Don't get me wrong, never driven one.

I am quoting a guy who has very good credentials.


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That is so true Roly, in fact, it makes constant curvature systems like the JBL VRX and QSC offerings pretty lame examples of line arrays in general. Line arrays are NOT the solution in a majority of the cases...but keep getting pigeon holed into applications that they don't belong in...

The array needs to be at least as long as the lowest frequency you want to have pattern control with... small units like the Renkus use pattern control for steering and worry less about lower frequency pattern control...The Bose L1's spray sound all over the place.
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I just bought the recently released FTB Vertus column array. I tested one stack at a show a few weeks ago, liked it so bought the other. This weekend will be the first show with it. My current system is RCF 522A over RCF 705-AS subs. I guess I have thing for Italians.

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Looks pretty nice. How much was that system, just out of curiosity, if you don't mind sharing. What size are the drivers in the column?
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talmen wrote:Looks pretty nice. How much was that system, just out of curiosity, if you don't mind sharing. What size are the drivers in the column?

Tops - CLA604A - MAP = $999 (6 x 4" and 4 x 1")

Subs - CLA208Sa MAP = $899 (2 x 8" drivers)

They just came out in October and the first ones shipped to the states are gone (I got the last ones). More are expected from Italy in February.

The system isn't without compromises, the main ones being a narrowing of horizontal coverage above 5K and only a 20 degree vertical dispersion making near field a bit challenging. I bought some 15 degree tilters and bent them to about 5 or so degrees down.

Remarkably, to me anyway, the subs are pretty darn impressive. I swept a sine wave through them and they come on right at 50 Hz, which is exactly where my RCF 705's and my Yorkville ES700Ps I have start to put our real output. At 1/2 the size and weight the FBT's are comparable in output to both of those and, to my ears anyway, sound a bit more musical. This is likely due to the fact the FBT subs are direct firing and the RCF and Yorkville's are band pass designs, which tend to be more "one not wonders" prioritizing overall output above tone.

I'll try and remember to stop by with an update after this weekends show, a wedding. I really bought these for the private stuff we do and as much for the aesthetics and extreme portability as anything else. Roughly 1/2 of our shows are weddings and other private events.

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I own a basic set of the HK Audio Elements and they are great. For 2 powered subs and 4 top elements, poles and cases it runs around $4,000. I've used them in a church setting for a 200 seat venue and a full band with drums, bass, electric etc. I will agree that they aren't designed to be screaming loud. But that's the advantage in some settings. You get nice even sound from the front to the back of the room.

The other brand you should consider is A-Line Acoustics. They have different size systems. The small Eli system beats the Bose system. And the larger Elijah and Emma systems are crazy powerful. As soon as I heard these speakers I went and got set up as a reseller.

If you want to chat on the phone and ask some questions about different types of systems I'd be happy to help. These column line arrays aren't for every situation (also don't work well in a venue with sloped seating, narrow vertical dispersion), but where they do work they are awesome. Especially if you need to be portable.
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Just stopped by the forum to search for more info on using external wifi routers or Apple Airports for my SL24>MacBook Pro>iPad setup and I noticed this thread.

I heard some tall skinny speakers and started a thread on another forum about them here...

in short - yes they are great.

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I use 2 Bose L1 model II systems with the new B2 subs that Bose recently came out with. It's plenty of power for most situations with my rock bands. When I say most situations, I wouldn't use it for an outdoor rock festival but it handles itself well in most real life working band situations, even for rock bands. I should also clarify that since I am using 2 systems for 4 musicians I would be comfortable using this set up in venues up to 300 people while Bose claims 500 for this system. But Bose also recommends 1 unit per musician so who knows, maybe I would feel different if I had 2 more systems and was only running one musician per unit. It might provide a little more headroom, the other thing to think of when rating by number of people is the venue. Are the 500 people sitting quietly and listening to the performance or is it a noisy bar.

Nasal is definitely not a word I would use to describe the sound nor would anyone who has heard any of my bands through this system. The sound is full and clear, more defined than any other system I have heard. I will concede that since I have switched from the B1 bass modules to the new B2s the bottom end has increased immensely. A single B2 offers a lot more bottom end than 4 of the B1s. But even with the B1s the sound was well balanced, the difference is that now you get that thump that you can feel in your chest (something that was admittedly lacking in previous Bose versions).

I've just recently started using my Presonus 1602 with my 2 Bose systems. It's a great match.
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I use two Bose L2 arrays for our ensemble which is all acoustic. We don't use a sound man, just set up our studio live, make sure we've got gates set up, do a sound check and play. Ensemble is 4 violins, piano, bandoneon (basically an accordion), double bass, acoustic guitar and voice. We do a lot of theater shows and use them as our monitors and as FOH in venues under 500. They're great for avoiding feedback and we don't need someone riding the faders and pushing the gain to get a good sound. The number one issue is anyone knew to the ensemble is always convinced they're not on till I mute their line.
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Depends, what you want to do with such a column "array". For low spl events they might be good, in a (rock) or top40 band most of them are not loud enough (f.e. HK Audio, Bose). I heard this one yesterday-->
This has the SPL of a serious, professional 12/1,5" box combined with all the effects, that you want from a column array. And it is not that expensive als well. Loud and transparent sounding...nice

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We tried these speakers at an outdoor event. We went with carvin 1802's for all frequencies under 160 hz. These speakers sounded great! We mic everything thing up, two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, 7 drum mics, bass, one lead vocal, two back up. Other bands who had never heard of Carvin and use JBL came up to us and were very impressed. Granted it was Christian rock, from Daniel's band to Stryper type so we did not get to cover all genres. I woudl def recommend these to anyone.

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For those that didn't notice, the topic was from a lot earlier this year and bumped up for whatever reason...

With that being said, an Elvis impersonator came to one of the shows I did this year and used his own Bose column array. For his application, it was fine. Full sound without being loud and covered the immediate area, as it was intended. Could it handle a full band? Doubtful. For small acoustic-style events or for needing a simple (yet costly) solution for an instrument (keyboard player in a band I worked with last night used one) it would be OK. You'd probably be just as fine with a simple powered speaker though. YMMV
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