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Import Session Data - When?
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Dmitriy_m2m wrote:
acardipane wrote:
i am on mac:

i rename a song lets call him "test" as ""
"any archive fix tool" wich one for mac? or you mean a unziper?

"integrate Import Session tool in browser" what is a Import Session tool? or you mean the unziped song file, put it in the browser

thanks in advance

I've never used mac, so I don't know any zip fixers. I only know that you should rename file from to (this way it works in win anyhow)
my "integrate Import Session tool in browser" was suggestion how to realize importing data from one song to another
One time we tried to remove plugin from track using unzipped xmls from song but nothing turned out We just couldn't solve the structure of xmls

i tried yesterday, and the only thing i can import were the inserted plugins of the channels, but not the complete channels, instrumemts, auxes, sends midifiles...

so this is nothing like "import session data" in pro tools

in PT, open new session, selsct "import session data", select all channels/auxes you need, press ok, done!!!
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