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Presonus Statement regarding Audiobox VSL Issues
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I purchased an AudioBox 44VSL a few days ago, and also have audio drop-out problems

It makes no difference, if VSL is running or not.

I found out that a process called "system interrupts" is causing CPU-load and CPU-spikes, whenever the AudioBox is connected.
I think the chance is high, that this is causing the drop-outs.

You can't see that process in the task manager, only in the "resource monitor" of Windows 7.
When I unplug the AudioBox, the "system interrupts" goes down to 0% CPU, so it's definitely the AudioBox causing the problem.

Btw, I had no audio-droup out problems with my last interface, an M-Audio Fast Track C400, using the same system with same settings.

I will try the suggestions above, but actually I would like to have an interface which just works, without having to mess around with it for hours.

I am using a lenovo notebook with IntelCore 2Duo, 4 GB RAM and Windows 7 32-bit.
Buffer size is set to 1024 or 2048 samples, driver version 1.2

EDIT: Installed and tried the 1.2.1 beta driver.

Less drop-outs, but still not completely gone.
"System interrupts" still eating CPU like crazy.

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Hi All,i have recently upgraded to window 8 & on windows 8 the usb &vsl drivers are not there going to be an updated drivers for windows 8??

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The latest drivers are compatible with Windows 8. They definitely need to be improved but they do work with Win8.

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Great news! This seemed to work for me. I uninstalled everything for Audio Box VSL drivers etc. I am running windows 8, and have had the same issues with massive cpu spikes,pops, and dropouts. From everything I have read so far there is an issue when you change from the usb port you installed the program on. After a reinstall at least everything is working. I am showing higher latency readings after the reinstall (don't know why) but everything else is working great. It doesn't seem to be affecting performance on my computer. I tried the Legacy driver, but did not get admirable results with it. Thanks for the great info. Hopefully this be a final fix for me.

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What I'd really like to see is an Remote interface to the VSL44.
I wasn't really getting a lot of use out of it.
So I thought I'd try using it pipe 4 analog Aux Monitor sends through to allow easy control of Dyn & EQ for each mix from the stage.

It Works but I have to walk around with my laptop and a long usb cable to hear the monitor of choice while correcting the eq.

Wish I had bought the 1818. With that I could leave it in the control booth and use the Remote Ipad to set things...

Oh well..... Anyone want a slightly used AudioBox VSL 44?

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I own an AB1818, I bought it based on the excellent quality and flawless reliability of the SL 1642.
It is disappointing that Presonus can develop a new line of speakers, new mixers and smaart integration, but are not able to make the nessary repairs/updates to the AudioBox product line.
I use Presonus for many different events weekly, so my needs are simple for my AB1818, and it's been requested numerous times by AB users, VSL Channel Labeling.
Yes, I know I can use Studio One instead of the VSL app. For labeling, but it doesn't have an ipad app that I'm aware of....

So this is how I used my AB1818,
Stand alone, AB1818 with 8 wireless mics

With my StudioLIve mixer, as a side car into the various inputs that the board has.
This combination allows me to run a total of 28 wireless mic.

I also keep a Project Studio installed in the main rack as my back up.

Thanks for reading my post, I am and will be an avid user of Presonus gear, and hopefully Presonus will hear our reasonable requests.
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I had not used my 1818 for a couple of months (away on a work project) - however, when I came back I fully expected to have found a resolved issue.

No dice. Running a brand new mac mini and I cannot even record a single chan. mic without unusable pop and clicks.

I have VSL turned off and I am not willing to reinstall my operating system to go back to kitty cat or whatever the last one was.

I am afraid that this is going to go on ebay or craigs list or the closet in exchange for something that works.

Am I missing something or are we still fighting this same problem?

Thank you,


Update: For anybody else trying to get this to work, just turning off VSL did not help. However, doing a reboot and not ever loading the VSL program helped a lot. At least on a couple min test. I will update this later as I plan on doing a decent bit of playing around today.

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Presonus, any news on this?
I am also disappointed with my AB1818. I posted about noise, pops, drops, and clicks on the S1 forum, but now, after reading more on the AB forums, I think it might be my AB1818 that is causing me problems.
Can ANYBODY offer me any info?:

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To all of you watching this thread that are having issues, PLEASE start a Tech Ticket so that Presonus might get all the information into the tracking system. Each case is different and in order to get a fix for all the issues they need to KNOW all the issues..

If you have already submitted a ticket and NOT gotten a satisfactory conclusion, please re-submit or re-open your claim. This will help us all.

Best Regards

Mod Squad
NOTE: If your having an issue, open a tech support ticket and bring the number here if you want help!

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wazby wrote:Hi All,i have recently upgraded to window 8 & on windows 8 the usb &vsl drivers are not there going to be an updated drivers for windows 8??

I'm using Windows 8 with the VSL. Where are you seeing it's not compatible?
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It has now been 6 months since Presonus acknowledged the problems with pops and clicks with the VSL interfaces. They said it was a high priority to fix the problem but after 6 months still nothing. I gave up using my Presonus interface and switched back to my old Edirol unit. It is a shame because I really liked being able to add effects on the headphone monitor. It would be nice if someone from Presonus would give us an estimate of when they expect a solution.
kiran phalke

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This is good but is it applicable to 22 vsl ?
I like and admire software people who develop sequencers and i also like people who sell it.
kiran phalke

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I had this problem of pops and cackles but after tuning the windows i have no problems or almost no problems. The trick is in conserving CPU.The article on how to optimize windows for audio is helpful
Thank you Brandon Hays
I like and admire software people who develop sequencers and i also like people who sell it.

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I'm not just annoyed, I'm pissed off at myself for not finding out about this problem before I purchased my 22vsl. I still have time to return the unit but I'll never get back the time I wasted trying to stop the popping and clicking. Presonus, I thought highly of your products. Now....let's just say I wish you well solving this problem.
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