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AmpireXT upgrade
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Besides my POD, I own Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Waves GTR, S-Gear, POD Farm, Amp Designer and the freebies like Poulin's models and Ignite Amps plugs. I also use impulses (RedWirez stuff and others). The amp sims I don't have I did demo. I wasn't a huge fan of Ampire either.

I've recently started working on a metal project - songwriting and pre-production. I've always been picky w/ guitar tones, but when it came to hi gain in particular, I just couldn't nail the tone I wanted.

The best solution I had found so far was Avid's Eleven, which I started demoing last week. In fact, I had pretty much made up my mind and was going to put the $400 on it.

And so Studio One 2.5 came out today, and I started messing w/ it. In fact, it was a few hours before I even tried Ampire, because I had no big hope.

I went through my regular routine of trying every amp sim-impulses combination. As usual, nothing really did it. Then I tried Ampire. Man... I just saved $400!!!

That little thing sounds like a ton of brick. And w/ the Ignite Amp Tube Screamer model in front just to prime up the signal a bit, a few adjustments to the mics and I was recording the most solid sounding DI sounding guitars I've ever recorded.

I've been using S1 on and off for 2 years now, but Logic remained my DAW of choice, alongside Pro Tools for mixing. But Ampire - and the improved comping - just convinced me to move all my guitar oriented project to S1.

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