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S1 records from the Studiolive but no playback.??? HELP!!!!!! SOS!!!!!
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Peary Forrest

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jonathan wrote:
Peary Forrest wrote:
• Assumed that by using a studiolive template in S1 the I/Os would be matched between SL & S1. (not so, the outputs from S1 went to 1&2 on the SL instead of 17&18 which in turn shifted the S1 outputs over by two. For example sending from the SL to record on 13 goes into 13 on S1 but the output on S1 was 15 to 15 on SL.) While I had all FWs enabled on the SL I only had 13 and main faders up so I didn’t have a signal and had no output on or thru the mains.)

I'll take a look at our template, as it should have just worked the way you thought it would. The templates are intended to get you going, and show you how it's done...not screw you up so you then HAVE to figure out how it's done.

I had the same issue with the 16.4.2 template in S1. I was totally confused why I was recording, but not getting any sound. I then checked the routing and found the channels were not lining up, as I had expected.

I fixed the routing, then saved it as the default.


Thanks Mike, how do you save it as the default?
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On the audio in/out dialog, there is a button, at the bottom, that says "Save As Default" or something like that.

If you click that button, whatever you have selected, in the matrix, will be there the next time you create a blank song.


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It's live and learn, I guess - great you got it working now!

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I haven't used S1 in the field, yet -- only Capture. I'm really glad you asked about this, as now I'll know to make sure to check the I/O routing setup b4 I do. This seems like something that ought to be officially brought the attention of PreSonus so they can correct their template.
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