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How do you transport your StudioLive to gigs?
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BOClark wrote:In December 2009, I spent $12,000 on upgrading my sound equipment. Between laptop, EQs, PreSonus 16.4.2, Crown Amps, DBX Driverack, and new Yamaha Speakers. And a realy nice present for myself! I wished I would have waited and went active. QSC was prmoting heavily on the KSeries speakers then phased outbthe series quickly tom the New KW series. Then an explosion of active speakers hit...EV, Yamaha, Mackie, and QSC. Every month someone was coming out with a new and improved version of their own speaker. Or it seemed!
The older I get and after a major surgery, I am now considering selling my amps, monitors, speakers, and Subwoofers for a simple LIGHT WEIGHT active system.

I can recommend the K Series Speakers with much excitement. I have 2 K10's (I highly suggest K10's over K12's for a band, if you're using subwoofers. Wider spread of sound. QSC says the same thing).

The speakers are amazingly powerful (1,000 watts a piece), and they sound crystal clear. I tested a ton of speakers side by side when I was making my decision, and I can't tell you there are better speakers out there. Lightweight, but incredibly powerful. Pair a couple K Subs or KW181 with them, and you'll be blown away. I use them with my studiolive, and it's just outstanding. I recently ran sound for a band at a pretty large club. I brought just one K Sub and 2 K10's. The band looked at my very odd when I was setting them up. At the end of the night, they commented how many people told them their sound was better than it had even been. Needless to say, I'm a believer and supporter of these incredible speakers.
Scott McKenna
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Equipment List:
Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2
QSC K Series Loud Speakers and Subwoofers
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honda odyssey passenger seat on the back, sometimes seat belted,
no case, but looking for a case to fit SL16.4.2 and some racks below
(Cubase 6)
win7 x64: i7-920 p6t daw, 8gb ram,


StudioLive 16.4.2
(also: A & H 16:2, Mackie VLZ pro 1602, Soundcraft Spirit 24ch and 32ch)

DBX DriveRack PA+
Lexicon MPX400XL
Zoom h4n
Sennheiser e838's
Shure sm58's
Shure SLX beta 87a
Shure 87a
Shure SM7b
Sony utx-b2
Rode nt1-a

RAMSA mains and subs
JBL JRX series
Crown, Carvin, Mackie, amps

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