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11 GB free and more for me and you when you sign up with this link:

Seems to be just about as useful as dropbox, though I'm not sure what the bandwidth limitations are.


- Gizz
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I like it. Thanks Giz.

No email address required for signing up. 11gb of free space. The desktop app even allows doing screen captures that upload automatically. What's not to like?

Bye, bye DropBox.

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Wow! Really simple -- nice!
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Thanks! Just signed up with your link Gizz.
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That's cool for sure....but (Super)size isn't verything

Dropbox works on all my devices: PC, Imac, Ipad and Android phone, 100%uptime, fast, secure. Widely-used, almost everyone has an account making sharing and dropping a no brainer, my have-anywhere files always perfectly synced wherever I am.

If I needed space, my web host has unlimited storage. 11+ terrabytes not gigas!!!!

(Just some a contructive musings, hopefully you don't take it as criticism)
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Gizzmo0815 wrote:11 GB free and more for me and you when you sign up with this link:

Seems to be just about as useful as dropbox, though I'm not sure what the bandwidth limitations are.


- Gizz

Nice thanks.
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Is everything you put in there shared or is there a way to make everything private?

Does that link to everything that's been uploaded by everyone? There's not much info on their site.

Also, can you sync a directory, or do you have to manually put everything in?

Lastly, how do they make money?

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2.5 GB DropBox Account.
This referral link will get us both an additional 500MB of DropBox space if you use it to sign up.

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Minus appears to support a file size up to 2GB only which is typical for all free file transfer sites that I have seen. DropBox supports larger than 2GB files, actually I don't know if they have a limit. I pay for 10GB on DB to be able to send large audio files to friends and customers. Also because when I do a song on S1 and want to send the entire thing to a friend with S1 to edit, I zip the entire Songname Directory and send it up to DB. They then download it, expand, and put it into the S1 Song directory and edit away. I also use DB because I work with video files and they are huge.

Also as mentioned, DB syncs up on anything and I have it running on my PC's, Mac's and iPhone.

If you want a new Dropbox account, free or pay, use to get an additional 250MB free. I'll get extra space too.

I also use SoundCloud but it mainly serves as a preview function for my customers. Songs can also be downloaded from SC but must be audio playable files, not zip or other.

For a year or so I have been looking for any way to transfer larger than 2GB files. The only affordable way it can be done that I have found is with DB. There are really nice commercial services out there but they cost $100/yr or more, some much more. The limitation is that most Internet browsers only support 2GB max single file transfer. After 2GB the transfer just craps out. You must have a transfer client running on your PC/Mac for large file transfer to work. DB provides such a client that runs in background.

I also tried using an FTP client/server and this works well but is way complicated when it comes to traversing routers and getting through firewalls on both ends. And it is way too complex for the average customer you may have.

If anyone can tell me different, please do tell.

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