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Version 2 Announcement (Sort of)
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Mark Stockwell wrote:It's officially FALL now. The countdown continues. I'm so stoked!

Yes it is my friend
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Just be thankful that PreSonus doesn't have one of those tacky "Countdown" graphics on their home page, counting down the Hours, Minutes & Seconds until the big show begins.

P.S. If I look there next week and see one I'll have to return here and apologize.

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"So.... Bitwig. I wonder what's queued up next in line on the drama list?"

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I'm looking foward to ver2, tho, in all honesty, ver 1.6.5 has been performing flawlessly for me and am pleased with the exisiting feature set/workflow.

I'm hoping Presonus will continue to keep the audio engine in top shape while implimenting those 'additional features/requests' in the next version.

I'll admit that I'm excited about the release, along with everyone else and need something to keep me busy for the approaching cold season!

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