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How do I add reverb to SL24 talkback mic?
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OK I'm a Presonus SL24 newbie, and although this is likely a simple question, I can't seem to find the answer. I simply want to add reverb to my talkback mic. I have learned how to add it to the master bus and individual channels. Please help, thank you. I have been using mixers in my home studio for years, but have little experience in routing, submixes, etc... as all my work has always come through the mains.
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If you'd like reverb in the talkback mic, your only real option is to place a preamp and reverb unit right after your Mic and then into the talkback input.


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just run it through it's own channel. i usually use the very last channel as a TB mic, then you can route it exactly how you'd be able to route anything else.

get used to it - many boards are like that.
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This is a good idea. Use 24 as the talkback and something that doesn't need any adjustment in the talkback port.

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Unless it has been changed, the problem with the TB is the dimming of the monitors. If the monitors drop way down when you want to talk to someone in the middle of a song, the players don't like you much. So I use a channel unless I MUST have it for something else.
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