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Monitoring for the Musicias from the Tape??
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I try with the Studiolive24 recording to mac pro / cubase 6

the recording is no problem but if i play the recorded sound from the sequencer how can i send the signal to aux (to headphones to musicans) ??

a a and if i wanna hear the recorded sound from the sequencer mus I rout the signal to 2 channels? its pity to this channels


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I personally like the 1 in, 1 out approach, set up like an analog console with the DAW set up like Capture. When I do a tracking session on the studiolive, I'll set each DAW track's input and output to the same channel number. This way, after I set aux levels and record an instrument, I simply press the firewire return buttons on the StudioLive channels that I just recorded. Now the aux routing is already set for your playback channels, for any overdubs you need to do.

You could also just send all DAW tracks to a main stereo playback pair, like channels 1 & 2. Enable the firewire returns on those channels and then you can send those tracks to the auxes. You will not be able to change individual channel levels in the monitors without changing the main mix though.
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