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[OT] We all knew the day would come...Komplete 8 arriving soon.
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So fortunately I got a good deal on Komplete 7 and have enjoyed a good bit of time with it, but I knew the day of temptation would eventually arrive. I'm not sure how many other Native Instruments fans there are here, but I've always loved their stuff, and it seems like they've recently announced the next iteration of their popular instrument/effects package.

It seems they're upping the ante also with an offering of two different purchase options. Komplete 8, which is naturally an update of much of the same software included in 7 (including Kontakt 5 which is pretty cool), and a few new options to include a new item called "Studio Drummer" which seems to rival the likes of Jamstix. And then there's Komplete 8 Ultimate which is the same package with an additional 50 (!!!) other offerings which all come from their current line of products.

Komplete 8 is $500 for new buyers, $200 for an upgrade from a previous product, $370 for a crossgrade. And Komplete 8 Ultimate is $1000 for new buyers, $500 for an upgrade from a previous product and no crossgrade option.

Craziness I say...CRAZINESS.

I've heard all the complaints but it is hard to refute the relative importance of NI as an industry leader when it comes to their Komplete package. And Ultimate certainly seems like a move to compete with some of the other higher end offerings like the stuff from EastWest.

And oh yeah, since they've recently ceased production on their "Kore" product, they're making Komplete 8 completely compatible with Maschine, which seems to be their new direction as far as a hardware controller for their multiple VSTi's goes. That's a monster of a system right there if it can be done efficiently.

What say you? Excited? Annoyed? Irritated that you might have to dish out more cash?

Hehehe. Fortunately you have until 1 Sep to save up

- Gizz
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well, there's too many things I wouldn't even need to use one single time, but I will most definitely buy Reaktor at some point
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I just got Komplete 7 and have yet to fully explore it. There's one package in there I might want at some point, but at the moment I don't need an update.

I need to get a subwoofer before I get anything else. My near fields have no bottom end. Checked in a well treated room (not mine). Just nothing below 60 Hz. It's not my imagination.
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So is Studio Drummer the death knell of Battery 3? Or have they killed it off already and I didn't notice?
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Battery 3 is still in there.

I last upgraded at 6, so there's a few goodies that might make it worthwhile... might hold of to the obligatory 50% sale too.

Not sold on Ultimate, not much extra there that I would find useful over the regular 8. Still it's a nice gold color!
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