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Suggestions for StudioLive 32.
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moontower productions

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tamezjos1 You hit the nail on the head. One other feature that I would love to see that a few others have hinted at is having the busses be able to be flipped to FW returns (for waves or other computer based FX processing) and/or flipped to FX returns for the internal FX processors. Another feature to go along with that would be PFL soloing of FX returns to preview exactly what the FX are doing before pumping them into the mix.


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MAJOR NECESSITY: a mic/line switch! It may not be needed live, but it is critical in a studio console.
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dvsummer wrote:MAJOR NECESSITY: a mic/line switch! It may not be needed live, but it is critical in a studio console.

There are many things that would be really nice for a Studio version of the StudioLive. I've ranted and raved about this before so I won't repeat my list (which continues growing). A Mic/Line switch is on the list for sure.

The StudioLive can function as a studio console for some studios, but it's not as flexible as it should be. I think that, with the exception of a dedicated meter bridge (which I want) the existing chassis with some minor changes in the labeling could be used, with only some changes in the software to make things work as we have come to expect for a studio console.

The problem is one of business and marketing, however, so I don't expect we'll ever see a studio-oriented version, or even a multi-purpose version that has more studio features than the present models. There are too many people who don't care about a console in the studio, so it's a hard sell. But everyone who performs needs a live sound console of one sort or another, and the StudioLive meets a lot of needs and at a reasonable cost.
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