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Studio One 2.0.5 Now Available
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eike wrote:do you get this without ampire or open air? does it help to switch off cores?

Get it on an empty song, nothing loaded., turning cores off didn't seem to make any diff.
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Get it on an empty song, nothing loaded., ..

that is quite strange. i recommend the same debugging method as with the mem-leaks:
go into advanced options -> services -> turn all off -> if peaks are gone reenable one by one. if not, reenable all, search elsewhere.
but first:
you probably have done the stuff listed in the performance faq? (see my sig, look into it please, dpc latency debugging is the best bet here)
do you get this without the yamaha soundcard _connected_?

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No, with no soundcard connected I get none of it.
I will try your sugg.

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jonathan wrote:

The 2.0.5 update has the following enhancements:

• Retains channel settings and automation when replacing an instrument in an Instrument track.

... Only just really noticed this one! Many, many thanks for this particular enhancement!

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for me this new bug seem related to latency...i think the studio one doesn't see the setup latency... and work as 64 or less matter what you enter in your asio card .....

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jonathan wrote:Studio One 2.0.5 is available now. This version adds many enhancements and fixes, and is recommended for all users.

Use the Help/Check for Updates menu in Studio One, or download it from your user account and install.

The 2.0.5 update has the following enhancements:
• Ampire™ XT amp models were reworked for better sound
• Any command can now be assigned to any MIDI CC message.
• Markers have a Stop flag that stops playback at the marker.
• Manual now available in German, Japanese, Spanish, and French
• Exchange and Sound Set Builder now supported in Artist version
• Audio-file resampling during playback now uses the audio cache, reducing CPU usage in some cases.
• Dithering is now applied to 24-bit audio files if the dithering option is on.
• Tracks can be resized horizontally in the arrangement
• Added two new track heights: Overview and Minimal (these make tracks very slender so you can see more tracks at once)
• Retains channel settings and automation when replacing an instrument in an Instrument track.
• Performance meter adds RAM usage display (in 32-bit version)
• Tape Style monitoring option (Options/Advanced/Devices) mutes playback on audio track
• Transform now always uses 32-bit floating-point math
• Now shows file size in Exchange-item previews
• Events with bend markers are bounced to a new file before editing in Melodyne
• You can right-click on an event to remove Melodyne
• If you close a song without saving, a list shows which files will be deleted
• Expand Folder command is now in contextual menu
• Tab to transients in Audio parts
• Next and Previous Track commands added to FaderPort (shift + left/right channel buttons)
• Save FX on/off state in FX Chains
• Product keys from user account are listed in the Activation window
• OpenAIR release time problem fixed

The 2.0.5 update fixes the following issues:
• Event FX delay compensation fixed
• Had multiple crossfades when comping within the same time range
• Take selection did not respect event resize
• Folders for Universal Audio UAD plug-in preset-sorting was incorrect
• Problems with missing file dialog
• Wrong event size in Audio parts after changing tempo
• Split Events moved new event to back
• Event FX freeze moved the event out of an Audio part
• Keyboard shortcut for “Remove Track and Instrument” didn’t work
• Audition of moved notes in Editor was not using note velocity
• Layer change while recording created doubled events
• Crashed using audio interfaces with only a mono input (e.g., Apogee One)
• Event FX restore had wrong length
• FX channel was not mapped to bus when “Add Bus for selected channels” was used
• Stretch event state was not saved with Audio loop
• Problem with mute-automation writing on grouped tracks
• Controller recording with VST3 version of VSL plug-in could not be recorded on multiple channels
• Move to Cursor removed shared copy of Instrument part
• Bend marker did not hold position when it was moved toward its original position
• Invisible bend marker was used for Tab to Transients (not used now)
• Old loop range was not restored after auditioning range on a layer
• SFZ files were copied to media folder (now are not copied)
• IR Maker: Displayed wrong default IR Length
• Gate: Release time was not restored
• Impact: Sync mode and transpose issues
• There was no real-time Image Export in Project page
• Save was not enabled when volume was adjusted in Project page
• [Windows®] Sample-rate change was not working correctly for Focusrite Sapphire interfaces
• [Mac® OS X] Dynamics-processing graph had the wrong popup-menu placement on a second monitor screen
• [Mac OS X] Some AU plug-in parameters could not be used with automation
• [Mac OS X] 64-bit VST plug-ins made with JUCE had gray GUI (e.g., Blue Cat Audio or Cytomic Glue)
• [Mac OS X] When restoring Transform event to original, AU plug-in settings were not restored.

I have finally got the Novation Nocturn to play nicely in S1 V2 with this update. I do not use Nocturn's HUI as I use the BCF2K for this. Once I disabled Novation's HUI under Automap 4.3.x, I connected the driver to Studio One. I started S1 and opened a song with sends I wanted to control.

I hit the mixer button on the Nocturn and this brings up the factory setting with CC's assigned to all buttons and knobs. In Studio One, I go to "external" in the console, click on the Nocturn device and it comes up blank.

I then clicked "Learn" in the device window pop-up and turn a knob on the Noc and the knob appears in S1 Unclick learn. I went to a track with an fx send (ex. kick drum) I want to control, right-click on the send to bring up "assign send to Control 1 (or any controller I "learned"), click and turn the knob. It works!!!! No more mousin' around with my sends.

I can still control in VST's (Nomad's and others) quite natively without any worry as the Automap's behavior has not changed much in that regard. I still have to edit the buttons to act like the knobs to get all possible values in the Automap editor and save as default. When I change my desktop over to Win7-64, I will port over my edited maps.

Great job again Presonus on this update!!!!
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Quick Questions re: Mackie Control Pro Universal & 2.0.5 X64 Win

Hi all

For those of you using the Mackie Control Pro Universal [ newer silver USB unit ] and 2.0.5 X64 Windows - I have 3 quick questions:-

=> do your " ZOOM " buttons work / do anything - horizontal / vertical scrolling work at all - with 2.0.5 X64 Win ?

=> is there a way to program the 8 user assignable buttons with 2.0.5 X64 Win ?

=> does your " SCRUB " button work and actually allow you to scrub audio with 2.0.5 X64 Win ?

Many thanks,

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I have recently loaded the Artist version on my computer. I wanted to try the Pro version so I downloaded the trial. After installing the trial version every time I click the link to open it, my system defaults to the Artist version. I have also tried uninstalling all plugins and the complet Artist version then reinstalling the Pro version and it still defaults to the Artist version. Does anyone have any information on how I can load a higher version on my computer? Thanks!

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Hi guys,

Would it be possible to save the coloring of each slice of audio channels of one instrument?
Because every time I reload my song, the colors of the different channels that I chose (for Impact in my example), are not retained.
Only the dominant color was chosen to "represent" the instrument remains
I hope you understand my request.

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