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Mute Groups In VSL
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I'm a new user and owner of a SL24. I will be using it for the next 7 weeks Thursday - Sunday at the Bard College Summerscape Program in the Spiegel tent in Red Hook NY.
Thursday night was the pre-season opener and benefit with Rosanne Cash as the entertainment. All went very well and I was pleased with the sonics on the console. The system for the tent is a 4 x 4 JBL VRX rig with Meyers UPA as out & center fill.
I am running Waves Multirack as well but just used it for a Rverb for this event as I didn't want to experiment too much with a national act. I would appreciate any other users tips and experience in using the Multirack with the console.

My question is this. Are there any plans to put programmable mute groups when controlling the console via VSL? Wouldn't it be a simple code?
I"ve already created band subgroups but this does not mute the monitors. I'm running 4 mixes from FOH and I don't like the idea of creating mute scenes.
My console last year was a Roland 480 and I also use the Yamaha LS9 & MCL desks a lot. My initial impression after the first gig is I believe the SL sounds better then the Yamaha stuff. I think you need to be careful in running the board conservatively level wise as I do believe the mix bus will collapse when hit too hard
(as with all digital consoles IMHO) Other opinions on that?


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