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2.5 Instrument Transform Variations ( Useful for testing scenarios) Test cases
2013 NAMM Round Table SWOT Report SWOT 2013
AB VSL Latency Diagram
Adding tempo mapping capability to S1 could be as easy as:
Comping Bugs 4th UPDATE with better bug definitions ( see last post)
FR Click in Precount only should be for
FR add on/off state to the Performance window
FR I/O: Auto detect interfaces changes and store I/O per interface
FR Options for Copy, Cut, and Past to include Tempo, Meter, Marker and Automation
FR: GUI Color control Discussion on Color improvements
FR: group of small things FR's
FR: Signal Flow Improvements
FR: Tempo Detection and Mapping Feature Request Primary FR for Tempo
FR: Track Templates Templates ideas
FR: Track/Channels consistency (position/color/name/visibility/mute/selection)
Free Tutorial: Drum replacement on mixed stereo drum tracks.
Helpful guidelines for reporting issues (potential bugs) with Studio One. Community Support
How to debug a Studio One song that will not open.
How to determine the tempo of a loop with unknown tempo
How to Report and Issue
Merry Christmas (Late) a FREE 20 minute advance video on using the Groove Tool
Merry Christmas! Please find over and hour of FREE Studio One/Melodyne advance training
Multi track Instruments should ask if you want to create an instrument track and channel for each
Multi track Instruments should ask if you want to create an instrument track and channel for each
New Clues and possible workarounds for USB 3.0 audio problems (pops, clicks, crackles, dropouts)
Special Deals and Freebies
Studio One 2.05 Macro Training Videos
Studio One 2.05 RC1 Macro Icons and Toolbar tweaks
Studio One 2.5 New Features Videos (includes new Useful Macro Video)
Studio One Secrets (V1 and V2 Tips) Merge Bounce tips Merge Bounce Transform
Studio One User Videos
Studio One V2 Signal Flow Chart
Studio One V2.0 Audio Timing Training
Studio One V3.0 Notion Integration Preview ;-)
Track Template work aroaund
Your Top 3 Wishes For V3 Ranking Ranking
Zero Latency Monitoring Handbook