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A pre-PreSonus Question or Application verification, LOL
Do you want some Mix practice. Here is a great Multitrack session to download. This is Sweet !!!
DPC latency in Windows 8 Performance helpfuls
DRIVER Realtek High Definition Audio for STUDIO ONE??? ASIO install ex
EZ Drummer Lite
Free EP Done in Studio One Awesome show of potential.. !!! SSD4 SD2.0 input
How to add Superior Drummer 2.0 and Ez Drummer to Studio One 2 Producer?
How to find out if your PC is compatible with Presonus products and how to improve performance must have thread ( make a copy of all, local )
Manage Your Own Licenses! and Mwlodynw and NI info support
MIDI Keyboard for Virtual Instruments Site says it works in Win8
NOT Done with it! (Studio One, that is) What a rant,,, he probably could have diagnosed the issue quicker than writing a bad book, LOL
Performance FAQ Performance helpfuls
Presonus Statement regarding Audiobox VSL Issues VSL issue ???
Special Deals and Freebies
Studio One 2.5 New Features Videos (New detailed step by step Tempo Mapping Video )
Studio One User Videos Vids Time Mapping,Melodyne, Too many to list, LOL
Studio One V2.0 Audio Timing Training
Syncing audio to MIDI and vice versa Time map input and sync input
Transferring multitracks ex: raw export too !!!
Windows 8 my Studio install