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Alesis DM10 > Superior Drummer within StudioOnePro
AudioBox keeps dropping off the MAC Computer.
Bounce or Export Track drops audio randomly - SOLVED
Colour Option for individual events - SOLVED!!
Enhancement Requst for the next AudioBox1818vsl (or similar) - a front power switch
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FR: Duplicate Replace (2014)
FR: EQ Band Auditioning and other PRO EQ features ideas. (2014)
FR: Fader Port App for iPad, or Control surface app to use with StudioOne? (2012)
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FR: Freehand Track Level Gain Drawing (2011)
FR: Housekeeping Tool/Menu Item (2012)
FR: Integrate Gobbler into Studio One (Maybe using ARA) (2014)
FR: Logic ESX Patch File import/conversion capabilities (2014)
FR: Please include a Paste Insert Option (2014)
FR: Plugin Bypass Keystroke (2014)
FR: Pre-Bar capabilities.. on the Arrange Windows - Negative bars if you like
FR: Remove Multiple Plugi-ins at Once (2014)
FR: Seeing and Selecting Multiple Audio Devices in S1 (2012)
Glissando (or slide between notes if you like) in Studio One Midi Editor
MAC Pro (2013/2014
Save as a Version Seems Broken.
Terminology Explanation Please