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Here are a couple of decent sites you can try
and this one
you pay for this site by the song but it's good quality and each instrument can be downloaded separately (it's tedious but doable, you have to mute all tracks except the one you want to download and then repeat the procedure for each instrument)
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What are we hoping for in the next release? For me anyway it's getting to the point where I don't know what else I need it to do.
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I haven't tried it as a plug in S1 yet, but I have used it from my 16.0.2 when I had it and now from my 22VSL and I really like the sound of it. So it will be good to be able to drop it on a channel strip. I've just been too busy to even download the upgrade. Hopefully come Sunday I will get some time.
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I thought I heard a rumour that there was a frapachino maker but that the drag and drop bacon wouldn't be ready until 3.0. Bacon isn't that easy to work with, when it comes to DAWs and most DAWs don't even offer it.
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Sorry, I'm not understanding the negative reaction to this video as meaning there is nothing worthwhile coming in 2.6. How can anyone come to that conclusion. I could easily use S1 for well over an hour without using 1/4 of the features that S1 currently has. Especially if I had planned ahead of time to do a podcast. Are you guys saying that you can't go an hour without exhausting every feature in S1, You could spend a day tracking and just use the record, play rewind and maybe the punch in features. Then maybe at the end of the day or the next day use the comping. Throughout the whole video he was very careful to make sure that you never see the menu tabs at the top, in fact the only thing he spilled was that there was new routing for the click track and then wouldn't talk about it. If he doesn't even want to share that, you know he was being careful about not showing any new features

I wouldn't expect a point update to include a complete overhaul of the browser or gui. He specifically spent the podcast showing stuff that you can currently do in Studio One and how and where to find cheap or free 3rd party plug ins, pretty easy to do without tipping off any new features.

Let's just wait til tomorrow before we get all bummed out. You can't even get 0.001 % of the story based on that video.
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Sounds like a Phil Donahue quote to me
Studio One General Discussion » ahh yes... another Studio One 2.6 thread. » Go to message
If you've been with S1 for awhile, you understand that their incremental point updates are almost on par with most other DAWs paid major updates, and everyone gets excited about those.
Studio One General Discussion » Virtual Instrument Advice - I WANT GREAT SOUNDS! » Go to message
for going with the Native Instruments Komplete package. I have ultimate 8 at the moment but will upgrade to ultimate 9 soon. I would recommend biting the bullet and getting the ultimate package. Not only to you get some great synths and the Kontakt sampler but you also get guitar rig and some really awesome effects plugins. Even if you aren't a guitar player Guitar Rig is very useful as it is more than just guitar effects and you can set up a virtual rack of effects for any instrument or voice and then save the preset to recall later in other projects.

I have Superior Drummer as well but I haven't used it much since I got Komplete the same goes for Trillium Bass, haven't even touched it. I use all the stuff in Kontakt. Superior and Trillium may be arguably better but I just find Kontakt easier to use and more convenient when you have a bunch of virtual tracks, to just go into Kontakt and tweak them all in one place.

I agree there are a lot of great plugs out there, if you do the research the world is your oyster. I just think the value for the Komplete packages can't be beat.
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You can't compare a cubase .x update to S1 updates. In my years of using cubase (since the time it was midi only until 2007) their .x updates were bug fixes. If you want to equate you have to use the following handicap.

Cubase 0.x =. No Presonus equivalent
Cubase X.0. = Presonus 0.x except cubase $200, Presonus free (Presonus update will include the few bug fixes that may be needed)
3 cubase X.0 updates = 1 Presonus x.0 update except you would spend $600 on cubase updates and $100 on Presonus

Now in the light of the increasing competition and apples release of Logic Pro X at $200 we may see some price point changes on the horizon for all DAWs, but the above while maybe slightly exaggerated has been my observation over the years. And to be fair until this release of logic X, that $200 was the price of their updates. And it may seem cheap for the entire DAW but if Logic XI comes out (in 5 years) and it's $200 whether you own X or not, it's just a new pricing strategy, only really cheaper for the first time buyer. I jumped in at logic 8 paid 200 for logic 9 and 200 for X. So for me it was a typical upgrade price point and double what it cost me to go from S1 1.6 to S1 2.0.
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grame99 wrote:They're probably tweaking it to add some more stuff in light of Logic Pro X and PT 11. These are interesting times for DAW users. I got Logic Pro X with back to school vouchers I saved over the past two years. Looking into it over the next few days to see how it compares. The drum thing looks fab. I have the really slow save issue with S1 so i'm interested to see how LPX runs.

I used logic for 4 years before moving to Studio One. I downloaded and tried out Logic Pro X, there are definitely some nice features but ultimately it feels really clunky compared to Studio One. It's weird to go back and think "How did I ever work like that?" I may still use it for some stuff.. The Varipitch is actually very nice to use, so good job on that and the drummer thing is cool, and the price is right. I just can't see myself working in it very much. Looking forward to 2.6 but still loving 2.5.
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Absolutely that's the reason... If it's half way through a measure it's going to finish out the measure, the apple loops work the same way and always have.
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I don't know if I would call Logic's Flex-Pitch a second class Melodyne. It's actually quite nice to use. No it doesn't have DNA like Melodyne does but you are going to have to upgrade your melodyne to get that anyway. S1 comes with essential so it's about $100 more than Logic X just to get the upgrade. If we are just talking about single note editing, something I've been using Melodyne for for at least 10 years, I already prefer using flex-pitch.

Instead of changing tools like you do in Melodyne you just grab a different handle it takes about 3 minutes to learn which of the handles do what and then you just get to work.

I'm still using S1 as my main DAW and I don't see that changing anytime soon but there is a lot of cool stuff in Logic. There always has been, really, now there's just more. I bought it because the price is right and having used Logic in the past, I already know how to use it. S1 is still better in a lot of ways, but I think I'll get my moneys worth out of Logic.
Studio One General Discussion » logic pro x » Go to message
I was on Cubase for many many years, then switched to Logic for a bout 4 years and about the last 2 years on Studio One. I bought the Logic upgrade today even though it's really just an outright buy for the price of previous upgrades. They can do this because they are more about selling hardware than software and have been trending in that direction for a few years now.

I still love S1 but I'm also liking the new Logic, they are both good and do some cool things that the other doesn't. I really don't think for me at this point it is only going to be about workflow or features... it's going to be about what's more fun to work with because at the end of the day for me, that matters. Not just in a DAW but in everything I do, it's how I live my life. I think as far as ease of use and getting things to work quickly S1 is still pretty far ahead and will likely be what I go to most of the time. But you have to admit the drummer and the apple loops for sketching out ideas has it's place... and the rework of the electric piano and the B3 is pretty awesome. Some comments about how all the plugs just look the same I think are a little misplaced, they have done some work on some of these and the results are impressive.
Studio One General Discussion » Bobby Bland R.I.P. » Go to message
Wow, really sad news. RIP Bobby...
Studio One General Discussion » Can we make a solid list of new features, that the dev's bring for version 3.0 » Go to message
It seems like this request for a list ended up being more of a debate on whether we should actually bother assembling a list. Kind of humourous. All I can say is, I'm always really astounded by the updates that Presonus offers in Studio One, a lot of cool features that I never even thought of and in a lot of cases covering some of the things that I would have asked for in a different but more elegant way.

That said, I realize we all work differently, and there are some things that some users really want to maximize their particular way of working. And of course a lot of users, in the interim, are using more than one DAW and wishing they could just port over to S1 and just leave the other DAWs behind. I just think that given PreSonus' track record so far, version 3 is bound to have just about everything covered off that is missing so far. Hopefully it will include all the most needed features for our forum members.
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