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Any word out there if Presonus is working on a remote stage box version of a Studiolive? Could the maybe do it on current models with a Cat5 to FireWire conversion box at the mixer end? That's a key feature against some of the other digitals out there. I have to guess with the incredible response to the Studiolive as a whole that Presonus is working on a pro version of a console... Some things I'd like to see if they are:

Cat 5 Snake integration
Automated Faders
32-48 Channels
Plugin support through VSL
Built in wifi

With the geniuses over there I'm guessing they could do this for under $5000 which would still beat the pants off the competition!!!
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ekimtoor1 wrote:An embedded VST host in VSL would tie everything together so nicely in the interface vs. a non-integrated host. I would think an embedded host talking straight through the Presonus interface would allow some optimiziation of latency vs. using a non-integrated solution.

In lieu of that, does anyone have any experience with using WavesLive? Anyone know what kind of round-trip latency I can expect from the SL 24.4.2?

I use waves live all the time. It's incredible on the SL! Takes it to a whole new level... Latency depends on your settings and how many plugins you are running. Waves live only allows plugins with lower latency. I don't know the exact measurement but I've never heard any complaints, even vocalist on in ears have very minimal affect... Highly suggested until VSL hopefully figures out how to get us direct access to our plugins... Which I hope the do since waves won't allow for 3rd party plugs like my Lexicon stuff...
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treycombs wrote:The new aux flip mode for routing the aux ins, 2track in and such is awesome and adds great flexibility for me. The EQs on the auxes are also great.

The issues with the board always zeroing out on startup and dropping the lcd screen to low have already been mentioned and I assume Presonus will fix this in the official release.

Here are some things that should probably be tweaked:

The separate mono EQs for the L and R main output is not a good idea. The copy and paste trick isn't the best solution. It at least needs the option of being linked can't properly ring out the feedback in a room this way. Finding a problem frequency from only one side of the speakers and then rolling that off and then copying and pasting the eq to the other side before the system howls is stupid and inaccurate...and slightly dangerous to your speaker cabs.

The submenu volume controls should have the option of 12 L and R controls for the stuff in the menu instead of 6 stereo controls. This would give it even more flexibility. For example, I could use the 2 track input to run prerecorded material from an ipod stereo to the house but send it to only one side of my drummers in ear monitors. I would like that please. I would like that option even for the talkback mic which we use as an instruction mic for calling tunes and such while we are playing and we hear only in our in ear monitors and not in the house. It would be nice to have that only in one ear. I could also have 4 separate submix controls from the aux inputs. I use a Firestudio Project for additional inputs through the aux inputs of the SL and having the separate L and R would really increase my options.

You guys are on the right track. We pretty much use every channel and every option on the 16.4.2 every time we play. We really put it to the test and we've been really happy with the versatility that it already has. These tweaks would put it over the top.

This needs to a immediate fix and upgrade!!! It has to be linked to ring a room. EQ on the mains is useless as it sits.... Sometimes I wonder if the designers of this software have actually ever ran sound before or are they just designers taking direction from R&D people.... That is a amateur miss in the software. I also have another suggestion about the EQ's. In VSL they are numbering the EQ's 1&2 for Main LR the Aux one is EQ 3, Aux 2 is EQ 4...etc..... Way to confusing... Can we just have them named what they are, it's not like we can move them to another place. Example, Aux 1 EQ is Aux 1, Aux 2 is Aux 2, etc....

Now that my complaint is noted, I love having the extra EQ's and the delays on the Sub Groups! Also like seeing the complete larger graph in VSL, very nice. Also, just a mention that I uploaded the new firmware a few times and the "Zero Out Board" seen is whacked!!! Every channel is panned hard Left, All Channel EQ's are turned all the way down, All Graphic EQ's faders are all the way down, etc... Can we get an actual "Zero Out Board" with the official release or is this just my machine?
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Hovgard wrote:My dream StudioLive (more live)

32 Channels

8 VCA (DCA) groups

12 AUX

2 x Dynamics in the fat channel

4 on board effects

Larger angled LCD that gives channel data similar to when connected to a computer.

Motorized faders

Angled meter section

Better headphone amplIfication with connector on top (flightcase)

Mute groups

I am with this guy! I have recently had the opportunity to work on a Yamaha LS9 and a Roland M480. Both mixers are packed with features but a complete pain to use! I love my StudioLive even more now! If Presonus would put a few pro level options on a 32 channel console I would pay $10,000 or more for it, if they keep their simplicity to operate. Motorized faders would be a must to get to a pro level console that you could actually bring and use to a real concert type situation. Having a card slot or two for expansion would allow for CAT5 Digital Snakes, outboard pre amps and things of that nature. Also with motorized Faders on 32 channels you have a much better option for Aux on Fader mixing and a real complete look at your 31 band graphic eq's. I think these upgrades could still be done with keeping the simplicity that I love my StudioLive for but offer some pro features that will make it rider friendly and a real pro level console. Currently my StudioLive get's to see the nightclub duty but will never have a chance working with National Artists a FOH mixer. I hate that I am having to buy a competitors mixer that is far less intuitive to work on to cover this type of event. With the StudioLive, I can send pretty much anybody that has ever mixed on a Analog console out and they can quickly figure out how to operate it. Other digital consoles, no way!!! I know the designers of the StudioLive wanted to take advantage of a certain place in the market from a dollar figure standpoint but they also need to listen to some of us out here that also mix higher end events and unfortunately cannot use their product at those events, though we absolutely love it for the smaller stuff we do. I believe they would dominate in that dollar figure as well with some of these pro features.... No need for these upgrades on a 16 or 24 channel either.... Just a new, Pro Level 32 in a class of it's own, I've got their first $10,000!!! Anyone else?
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I use powered speakers but I would tend to agree that separate amp/speaker setups are safer and easier to reconfigure if something goes wrong. I would suggest running your rig in mono if an amp goes down instead of loosing monitor mixes though. 90% of bands don't need to be in stereo anyway.... How many people in the crowd are dead center to really enjoy...

Also, I think it's kind of funny that you are so concerned about the reliability and "what if's" of speakers at a gig but bring out a digital console that is WAY more prone to faults and miss haps.... I'm not saying the Presonus is a problem, but it is a complicated piece of electronics. Look around the forum on how many people have had theirs crash at a gig! That's scary!!! Losing an amp, or powered speaker is nothing in comparison. If I were to spend money on a backup piece of gear and could only afford one.... A cheap Behringer 16 channel console with some effects built in JUST INCASE!
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Aux fead subs has been used for decades in pro concert systems. It definitely gives you more control and less mud out of your system. You will be amazed how clean your low end sounds. Always find out the specs of your subwoofer and what the recommended frequency ranges are for high and low pass. Same with your top boxes. Should be on the specifications page of your speakers. Another thing I like about aux subs is it's kind of like having your cross over volumes right on your desk.
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Have you tried an app called HeyTell on your smart phone? With headphones with mics attached it's a push to talk system. It can be set up for group messaging I think... Haven't tried it on gig but I use the service when I'm driving so not to text! Other than that,cheap walkie's....
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Would you be interested in modding a board for this?
Pre-Sales Questions » Wanted! The Perfect PC for PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 » Go to message
This would be a great option! I'm thinking something like iTeleport would have to be involved. Have it running at startup on the mac Mini....
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If anyone is looking for a rack style case that will fit the StudioLive 16.4.2 I should be able to help you out. I can help you with the OSP 12 over 4, 8 or 16 cases at reasonable prices. I own one of the StudioLives and it fits perfectly in the case with room to leave your patch bay setup no problem. You can reach me through my company website at

I normally wouldn't post items I sell on a forum but I know the challenge of finding a case to fit these things, especially a reasonable cost option. Though some of the competitors cases on here I'm sure are nice, paying half of what the board is worth for a case is a little crazy! OSP makes great quality cases comparable to that "RoadR**dy" brand you see everywhere.
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AtomicBeagle wrote:
archav wrote:OSP Makes a great case for StudioLive 16.4.2. It's a mixer rack but you can get the 4 space bottom and it's decent. Check out their 12 over 4 or if you want larger, 12 over 16.

Where do you get OSP cases from? The only place I saw them was on eBay, but not sure if they actually fit the SL1642. I definitely need to get a case for my SL, and would like to have space for my patchbay, HP60, and a Firestudio...

You can reach me through my website and I can help you with the OSP cases.
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OSP Makes a great case for StudioLive 16.4.2. It's a mixer rack but you can get the 4 space bottom and it's decent. Check out their 12 over 4 or if you want larger, 12 over 16.
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talmen wrote:One would hope that they will soon address the way the aux sends work in VSL to make it more user friendly on iPad/Pod.

How about when you hit the aux mix button for the aux group the faders (in VSL) become the aux send level for the selected aux? Would that be an easy fix? I know that is the way some competitors do it on the console itself and it works pretty well.
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Dale Christenson wrote: I have some good success with my wireless setup.

Things work fine technically, but sometimes I find I have to go back to the mixer to accomplish a particular task like tap tempo of the delay or tweaking the aux send of a monitor mix.

I agree, the number one problem I have with the VSL is no tap tempo for delay!!! If you are a competent sound guy, you know the best tool in the box for making the vocals sound great is delay in perfect or near perfect time to thicken vocals. I have no idea why presonus did not include a tap button on the VSL, but we all need to post the heck out of this issue till they give it to us. In my world, it completely makes it impossible for me to remote mix live music without having this feature. The ONLY option would be to insert effects through a program like Logic and use a delay in there, but that shouldn't have to be the only option. PRESONUS, PLEASE GIVE US TAP TEMPO IN VSL!!!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!

By the way, I ran accross a cool item for your StudioLive. Check out for more info. I am a new subscriber so I don't know if the image I am trying to attach from my studiolive is going to make it through. These things rock!
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