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Studio One General Discussion » How to setup UM-550 midi interface » Go to message
You need to ensure that the MIDI Inputs and Outputs are sending to the right channels. Each MIDI I/O has 16 channels.

For example if your Virus is on Output 3, you need to tell StudioOne to send to Output 3, Channel 1. Then you need to set the Virus to receive on Channel 1. (You can also set the Virus to receive on OMNI which means it will receive on all channels.)

You also need to ensure that the audio cables are properly connected. You can do this by letting the virus play the demo song and seeing if you hear any sound.
Studio One General Discussion » adjusting volume after Automation ? » Go to message
Or you can select all the automated points with the transform tool and turn the automation down to adjust the volume
Studio One General Discussion » Post pics of your studio » Go to message
There is something more essentialer: lava lamp!
Studio One General Discussion » Ex-Bitwig and Live user moved to S1 » Go to message
f.furter wrote:The funny thing is that what I considered Bitwig's biggest feature—putting the Launcher into Arrange view—actually got me thinking more in terms of Arrange View and less about using a loop player. The Launcher or Session View mainly useful for working on parts while the rest of the song plays in Arrange, but you can still manage in a linear DAW, you just have to stop and loop the whole thing while you get a loop sorted. Studio One forces me to get stuff down and not mess about with loops forever. Bitwig Studio has the best of both worlds, and so is the ideal DAW structure (Arrange View with built-in loop player), but I had to make a decision based on all the other factors.

Yes!! This is the reason I never bought Ableton. I would be forever messing with loops and never arranging anything, AND all my songs would sound like they started out as loops--very repetitive. I think the linear work flow is best for me.

Even still, it is very easy to loop a section in StudioOne and then arrange it by duplicating the selected events.
Studio One General Discussion » Ampire XT Metal Pack: Need a demo » Go to message
I'm esp interested in how the new bass cabinet sounds!
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.6.2 now available! » Go to message
How is the new bass cabinet? I'm thinking about buying the metal addon only for that, if it is any good. Anyone tried it?
Studio One General Discussion » Special Deals and Freebies » Go to message
Free R-Bass from Waves for a limited time.
Studio One Tips and Tricks » Windows, FireWire + WiFi » Go to message
foreigndude, your other devices would be connected to your router and not to your laptop so that shouldn't be causing any issues. What causes issues is the WiFi cards in some computers. I had similar issue in my desktop computer, but I was able to simply switch out the wifi card for a different brand which solved the problem. It's a bit trickier on a laptop, but to see if WiFi is causing the problem simply disable the wifi and run StudioOne like that. If it solves the issue the you've found your culprit.
Studio One General Discussion » 50% off? » Go to message
Unless you want to hold your breath for about a year. You may or may not pass out...
Studio One General Discussion » Anyone know a good accordion VSTi? » Go to message
This one is really good, but requries full version of Kontakt:
Studio One General Discussion » Adjusting send levels » Go to message
When I'm not using the FX channel to send more than 1 channel to it I like to set the send level to 0, and use the fader on the FX channel to control the amount of reverb for eg.
Studio One Feature Requests » Undo Option for Mixer » Go to message
Much needed!!!
Studio One General Discussion » Will we have verison 3.0 this year ? » Go to message
I think it will come out next fall.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One Reference Manual Download » Go to message
It's very easy to google how to do things in StudioOne and actually get a video tutorial that walks you through the steps.

Writing a manual for a DAW is probably a full time job, and I'd rather see PreSonus spend those resources on development.
Studio One General Discussion » OT: Holy Paycheck Batman! » Go to message
Do you know the cost of living in NY? Can't compare it apples to apples to where you are living.

That's probably like making $100K in some other city.
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