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32.4.2AI » firewire causing digital "white" noise » Go to message
Had the same as you. Removed the receivers from my rig (underneath the mixer) and spaced the receivers approx. 10 feet from the mixer/firewirecable. Problem solved. It seems that the firewireconnection (cable, mixer, computer...) is generating broadband signals outside the connection.

So, by taking the receivers totally apart from the mixer/computer will solve your problem.,

FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Intermittant pausing during playback » Go to message
There is another thread somewhere with this kind of problems.
It had something to do with a plugin used.
16.4.2 » No Inputs working from channels 5 to 16 » Go to message

The way I remove smd IC/processors is the following:

I cut all the connections directly on the smd chip with a very sharp knife (a surgeryknife) or a miniature cutter
Then you can remove the smd
After that I swipe with my soldering iron the remaining leads from the tracks easely.

It's an easy way to remove the smd without damaging the tracks.

Try it yourself if you want!

StudioLive General Discussion » interference Firewire with wireless mic receiver (800MHz)`` » Go to message
When I put-up the receivers of my wireless microphones to close to the SL16/firewire/laptop combination, I sometimes experience a strong signal on the receiver. This phenomenon sometimes can be steered by re-arranging the firewire cable routing between SL and laptop.

I have tried several firewirecables. Does anybody know a better cable or do I have to separate the SL and receivers for at least 3 meters?
(Thats my experience sofar) (And yes, I'm aware of the 4G issues)
16.0.2 » No audio outputs » Go to message
tavique wrote:The problem I have is that I have no audio output, no audio on headphones, no audio in auxiliary or main mono or stereo, or monitor output, the same goes firewere working or not. I'm desperate .. anyone have this problem? tnks for help

To be able to help you, we need some more information from you.
What you can try as a start:
1) Use the SL stand-alone without firewire
2) Connect a microphone to channel 1
3) Make sure you have a decent signallevel on the channel,meter and set the fader to unity
4) Patch channel 1 to the master and look if you have output on the mastermeters with the masters also on unity.

Live Sound » Using compressor to boost output level? » Go to message
roblof wrote:The sl24 outputs a maximum of +24dBu. This is similar to most highend digital mixers

If that kind of output level isn't high enough then you must have a serious gain stageing issue in your audio path or something is broken.

As for a comparision the qsc rmx5050 clips at +22dBu. That is 2dBu below what the studiolive can deliver! Most external equipment (compressors, limiters, processing) will clip if being feed more than that...

Edit: The driverack pa+ have a maximum output of +20dBu. That is four dB less than the studiolive outputs. And it seems like the driverack only accepts +20dBu before clipping as well.

To my experience: If I try to get my driverack into clipping by using the 16-4 mains-out, the SL outputmeters are deeply into RED.
In fact, : SL meters beginning to touching yellow, will hardly illuminate the driverack inputmeters.....
And of-course, the outputpot is fully clockwise!

So, I share the feeling ( compared with my Soundcraft analog mixer) that keeping things in the upper-green zone will lead to much less output than used-to analog. So, I also had to cranck-up the driverack to get the balls back!

I'm curious, has anybody measured the SL outputlevel at the max-green / beginning yellow meterlevel?

Live Sound » Using compressor to boost output level? » Go to message
will work ok!
16.4.2 » Subgroup to AUX » Go to message
mwright137 wrote:No need for a spare channel if a knob will suit you. Use one of the AUX inputs and route that to the AUX mix. I know it sounds confusing, but AUX in A and B are not related to AUX mixes 1-6. They are just stereo returns you can use for auxiliary inputs or effects returns.

So like Steve said, you could route the output on your drum group to AUX in A and then route that to each of your monitor mixes...

Latency?? (2 times adda)
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it looks like the forum has been hijacket!?
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Serious 16.0.2 GEQ live issues mixer outputs sub frequencies when I change a GEQ band! » Go to message
smudgethecat wrote:Is this some kind of joke? Are Presonus actually going to help with this issue? what do they think our jobs are? Live clowns?

The thread is almost 1 1/2 year old! Do you have this issue yourself now??
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » StudioLive 16.4.2 - Firewire only working on channels 1 & 2 » Go to message
Please, tell us first what your computer looks like (Apple or windows etc.
16.4.2 » 16.4.2 shows full Gain Reduction after boot » Go to message
did cleaning the flux resolve your problems?
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Great link! Thanks Saga!
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » FSProj connection to Eureka » Go to message
If the gain really works on the insert returns, I only can imagine that the gain has two stages. By all means, gain control is not about trimming levels, but controlling the amplifierstage(s) voltage amplificationfactor. This is almost allways done using a dc voltage.
So, its easy to arrange a (pre) amp in such a way, that two stages are controlled by one POT with the send/return in between.

(At least how I woud design it. 60 dB of gaincontrol in just ONE stage is asking for trouble!)

FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » FSProj connection to Eureka » Go to message
Since the insert outs of channel 1/2 are line level, they are definitively AFTER the preamp. And so the insert return has to be. (Otherwise the signal of a mic in channel one would pass twice the preamp....

matter of logical thinking...
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