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I just went in and created an ad hoc network on my Macbook Pro, and tried to connect that way. This is the first time I have tried on an Ai board and I got the same result as you. As you did, I did use this before on my 1st generation StudioLive. I much preferred the router and never looked back. I never had a need to test an ad hoc network on the new machine.

I won't say it can't be done, but I couldn't make it fly even connecting the SL to the Macbook via ethernet. From what I saw, it looked to be a router-only proposition. Perhaps that was the tradeoff for not having a computer requirement. I hope we might get an ad hoc guru to comment on the Ai series possibilities.

I did check Universal Control on my MBP, and didn't experience any noticeable latency. I will continue to play with it and see if I can make it get funky. I connect mine via fire wire, and it is pretty stable.
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Depends on your situation. If you are close to the end of a trial/return period, you might swap it for another, testing it to make sure the new one works.

But if you're not in the bind of being time constrained or losing options, I'd suggest starting a support ticket with Presonus. They can often get you running without the hassle of chasing down a new unit.

When you do the reload, I would do it as a full recovery (the one where you remove the rear option card during the update). It's the surest way to make sure you get old gremlins out. Be sure to save everything you want to keep to your computer... this option wipes the in-mixer memory.
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I second SwitchBack on that, hang in there. Most of us here are converts from 100% analog mixers and systems and we've made it through. Once you get over the hump you'll see there are many things that make digital the easy way. It's just new to you, as it was to us. You'll get there.
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Ok, just making sure as there have been recent changes. You are right, it should flash occasionally to let you know it is saving. First, as you just updated, I would redo the update just to make sure you didn't have some sort of glitch in the load. I just went and checked my 16 Ai on 5203, and it is auto-saving.
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We've all seen it from time to time. A few of the things I have seen that help:

1. Avoid ad hoc (non-router) networks. In my experience, they are notoriously unreliable and introduce a host of unrepeatable variances that will drive you crazy. The safest route is an approved router, and it's a plus if you can select 2.4 or 5 to avoid conflicts or heavy traffic.

2. You will have to be mindful of how you place your fingers on the iPad. The faders are designed to "touch and go." In other words, it doesn't work well to put a finger on the fader to "ride" the level... it will often lock in place. When you need to make an adjustment, move the fader as soon as you select it with your finger.

3. When the connection seems iffy, do what you can to maintain line-of-sight with the router. This might mean elevating your router (mine is mounted to a boom mic stand specifically for this purpose), to something as simple as stepping a bit to the right or left or standing on a case. Whatever works to get those bars back!

Otherwise, there are quite a few things that can contribute or conspire to make your system drag. And it is a system, so look for possibilities at each connection point. You could share your setup with us here, and someone with a similar rig might have more ideas. Best of luck!
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Can you advise which firmware version you are currently using? System menu, page down the last screen. Thanks
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There may be a video on Smaart Advanced settings out there, but I have not seen it yet. The advanced settings are covered in your StudioLive Ai Software Library Reference Manual, around page 41. I've found the basic settings to produce reliable results, but I'll play with the advanced settings a bit and see if I can get anything useful to share here.
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Yeah, but once we are all over there it becomes here, and we will be looking there for this thread that will be here.

Here, here... well said, Matthew
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Sometimes it can eliminate some connecting issues on a regular network, though I have never heard it needed on the SL. I don't have a 16.0.2 to check with, so I am hopeful someone with a similar mixer will drop in and help us out on this.
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I feel confident you will be glad you did.
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I might be the last one here before everything moves there...
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Welcome to the forums. Let us know if we can help you enjoy your Presonus gear!
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Anyone heard any plans? I thought they might be showing off the new place this year. 2013 was a lot of fun, L'Angelus was pretty awesome on the rooftop! I'd like to make another trip to ye' olde river town if the party is on again.
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Switch, this is a non-Ai mixer, right?
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Perdón por la traducción aquí, pero voy a tratar de ayudar. Te sugiero que inicie un caso de soporte con Presonus para que puedan ayudar a reducir el problema. Parece ser cierto algo se quemó allí con el fin, sino una posible solución si te don t necesidad de alimentación phantom en cada canal es mover algo no-powered allí y conseguir la alimentación fantasma de otro canal. Sinceramente, sin embargo, la mejor ayuda vendrá directamente de Presonus.
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