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Uh rough vocals ? I wouldnt touch a thing ,it sounds awsome . Was that recorded in StudioOne ?
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Totally agree with you Skip thanks for posting this. Have a great weekend with family and friends PreSonus you deserve it !
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Johnny , Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and time with us . Looking forward to seeing and listening to your videos and music . This should be a sticky , please
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My EZ drummer lite also works just fine with S1 pro.
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Whats the date for that ,as i live just east of indy.
Made in Studio One » On The Radio (had to share this one with my S1 friends) » Go to message
Great work ,I hope to someday get mixes like that .
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Johnny, thank you for doing this i will be looking forward to seeing all your work. You just dont see this kinda help anymore , Big thanks to all that post their how to videos here on the forums ,it just really makes it that much more intresting .
Made in Studio One » 1 st recording with Studio One and Firestudio 26x26 » Go to message
Hello everyone , I have been reading and learning this software and hardware for about 3 mo. and finally got a real drummer to come over and record in my garage studio. I figured if i can get decent drum recording the other parts will come more easily. Let me know what ya think. I love the Firestudio and StudioOne gear ,Great job Presonus !! click here
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Put me on the list too, all i see is white space.
Listen to this! » " Blinded" Melodic Rock w/ Progressive Twist. Recorded P-Tools.....MIXED with Studio One » Go to message
Great Job ! ! The guitars sounds were really good, vocalist was really strong and i like that you had him right up front. I thought the drums kinda got lost in the mix in some areas but with a little tweaking it would really good . I like this style of music too.
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