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When you look at a channel in the mixer, do you see the Z button underneath the Record/Monitor buttons ? You need to activate that, so that it shines blue.
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I have just upgraded the forum installation. Sorry for the road bumps.
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » Can't burn cd in project page. » Go to message
What is the version number of Studio One ?
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » Can't burn cd in project page. » Go to message
Which version of Studio One do you have ? Could you post the details about your computer ?
StudioLive General Discussion » STUDIO LIVE STOPS RECORDING WITH CAPTURE ON PC » Go to message
Hi Andrea, the control panel of the StudioLive has a setting called Safe Mode. On some systems you have to use the Safe Mode to make it work. There are three different modes. I had this case on one of my computers. Also, you should choose a bigger buffer size, like 2048 samples. This makes the recording more reliable. Try this and then report back, if it works.
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bigcohoona wrote:Has anyone tried using the Akai series keyboards with S1? how easy is it to map their products? I actually really like the look of their new mini keyboards as well as their 88 weighted keyboard.. just not any glowing reviews of their products out their at the moment. Some great prices at Sweetwater though.

I have an MPK49 in front of my two monitors. It is great, it feels well made, has knobs, faders and pads. S1 maps the faders to the first 8 channels in the remote bank. The knobs are freely assignable with controllink. And the pads play the right pitch for Impact.

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This would get in the way in other cases. Therefore there is a key command to zoom to the selected event.

The basic idea is, that you set the zoom to the kind of resolution that you need for the level of detail you are working on and then you can click in the arrangement to make the editor to go the point in time you are in interested in. If you would change the zoom on every click, you would have more difficulties to understand where you are.

But there could be a shortcut, like Option-Double Click for setting the zoom automatically when you open the editor on the event.
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Go to the Studio One menu and open the Options dialog. Goto to Audio Setupand select the AudioBox.That should fix it.
Studio One General Discussion » New Song crashes 1.6 » Go to message
NathanBgoode wrote:Tried reverting back to 1.5.2- same problem. I can't open a new song at all anymore. S1 crashes every time I try.

There will probably be a crash dump file that could help us to shed light on this. It will be created in this folder: /Users/wolfgang/Library/Application\ Support/CrashReporter. Could you zip it and attach here ?

Studio One General Discussion » New Song crashes 1.6 » Go to message
Hi, I am sorry to hear about crashes. We have just release version 1.6.1 where we fixed the random crashes that some people where seeing. Could you install that an report back ?

Thank you
Studio One General Discussion » Editing impact kits » Go to message
All these features are on the list. The reason why it is not there yet ? Time. Stay tuned.
Studio One General Discussion » Toggle floating windows only works once » Go to message
This is a problem with the keyboard handlers in certain plugins. They take away the keyboard focus and swallow the keyboard events. Not much we can do about.
Studio One General Discussion » Upgrade troubles -_- [SOLVED] » Go to message
deathbanana wrote:I ordered the S1 upgrade a few days ago, and just got it yesterday. I put the first CD in, and the install was very, very fast. When I opened up S1, it came up as artist. Puzzled, I tried downloading the install files from the internet. The x86 came up as artist, and the x64 didn't run (doesn't the box say it'll run even on 32-bit? ) What am I doing wrong? Fast replies are appreciated.

The license file has to be updated. With S1 running as Artist version, go to the Studio One menu and select Activate. There you should have the option to input the product key that came with the S1 Upgrade email, if you got it online. If you bought it from a dealer, there should be a product key card in the package.
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How about giving us your top 5 features requests ? Especially, what do you miss about MIDI editing ?

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The function has changed. It used to be, that you have to press play in order to start the recording to use autopunch. Now, you have to press record instead.
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