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Seems to be an unresolved issue since Mavericks came out. In all the threads I have read the final cure was to do as you did and purchase a router. I don't recall if this is actually an Apple or Presonus issue.
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I really like my FireStudio Mobile (running with a 2011 MacBook Pro when recording and Stand alone when jamming).

I too worry about the future of Firewire, especially when OS updates and ThunderBolt2 seem to be causing issues.

I am running the latest version of OSX and it seems to be working properly again. I have read other posts in this forum where users were not having much luck with the FS Mobile. Not sure which OS they were having issues with though. Worth a search.

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My SL24 is still going strong, congrats on the new purchase
I am using a late 2011 MacBook Pro with the latest version of Mavericks without any issues.
I also use Logic X, Capture, VSL and Studio One Pro without any issues. Studio One is a great DAW, but Logic X still has a few features I use.
I am old so I opted for the 17" MacBook Pro and an external Monitor. It's good to have lots of Screen real-estate when editing/mixing.
Can't comment on the TB2 interface other than what I read here, so far I have not seen a compatible interface for TB2, but that does not mean it does not exist.

Good luck with your new board.
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Hi Ken,
A little more detail may be helpful.

Are you new to this?
How was the session recorded (Mono/Stereo) and on what software.
Also how is your routing set up.

A few things to check....
Did you record in stereo? (not trying to be an @ss, but have to start somewhere).
Are you bringing each track back to a channel via the individual firewire returns, or just the mix to the 2 track in?
If its the individual tracks, are the Pans set for the stereo tracks?

I have the SL24 as well. Normally I connect to the Control Room outs for monitoring, but that will not affect the Mono/Stereo issue.

Keep in touch we should be able to get you sorted
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I typically assign my DAW output to channels 25-26 (on my SL 24), these are mapped to the 2 Track In on the SL24. I'm not sure which channels those would be on the 32 (33 and 34 maybe). Anyway on the mixer choose which AUX(s) you want to route the 2 Track In to. Hit the Mix Button twice for the AUX. Channel 2 pot now allows you to dial in the amount of the TapeIn you want in the mix. See pg. 39 in the manual and read about Aux Flip Mode.

Hope That Helps
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It seems to be an issue with some users.
But it works fine on my MacBook Pro and SL24.
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The issue is a Firewire one that came with Mavericks. Check the WEB and you'll find users of all different brands of firewire interfaces with the same Quick Time issue. If you play the same file through your internal sound card it should sound fine. From what I read it may not get fixed any time soon because Apple and Quick Time are pointing fingers at each other.
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all of my mics are working fine

I assume this means you have input/output from your mics when the firewire buttons are disengaged (working normal).

I'm trying to send my computer audio

From DAW to individual tracks or MP3/Wave to the 2 Track In?
What software are you using?

If you are using StudioOne you have to setup the Audio I/O mapping under Song Audio Preferences. (not sure of exact menu on Windows)
Capture should not require any configuration beyond selecting the fire studio device for audio I/O.
Other MP3/Wave file players should use whatever channels you have set in Windows audio.

Someone using Windows should chime in here...

Sorry I can't be more help
Good Luck
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My FireStudio Mobile works great with Logic X Pro and StudioOne Pro.
It is easy to export/import tracks between StudioOne and Logic.
I can't comment on Pro Tools, but would assume you would have no issues.

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1. Studio One will not control the board.
2. You have more than 16 input channels that can be recorded. (Main Mix is one, check the manual for the others)

Hope this helps
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Also make sure the Clock Source, on Universal Control, is set to FireStudio Mobile-Master.

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What you want to do will work as you stated.
Use the MAC and FireStudio on Firewire for recording/playback.
Connect the Windows machine to one set of unused audio inputs on the FireStudio mobile (for playback only). This will work even if the Mac is turned off because the FSM remembers your FSM mixer settings.

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Open a new song in Studio One. (or an existing one if you wish)

In StudioOne Preferences make sure the Presonus FireStudio is selected as the Audio Device.

Click on Song Setup (Bottom Left of Preferences Screen).

Assign the Inputs and Outputs to I/O channels.

You should now be able to create an audio track, Select an input channel, record enable it, and see input on the track meter.

Hope that helps


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Nice modification!!!

I wish I could edit the Logic X driver to work the same way.
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