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muziksculp wrote:G eat Trance music (Bravo) !

Big sound, and great mix, Studio One has lots of headroom for Trance music, and other electronic music genres. I just wish they had a pattern-editing mode in version 2, but I guess we have to wait for this type of feature to be implemented.

Thanks for sharing,

I'm waiting for this feature since version 1 ehehehhe. IMO, its the most important feature that is missing in S1 to do Eletronic Music.
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Alphajuno2 wrote:Thx for the video. I personally like it, because it proves to me that you can make something in 2 daws and have them completely zero each-other out, meaning both produce exactly the same audio file. Proves to me that all the rambling about one daw sounding better than another is just nonsense. It's all in the way how u use it.

You really got to see this next vid. I know it's a bit long, but I devoured every second of it wishing it to be even longer. I think it will be right up your alley when it comes to daw and audio myths! It includes a lot of test material, you just gotta close your eyes and see if you can hear the myths! It shure opened up my eyes

Actually, I talked to some bad ass ProTools guy and he adviced me that this test should be further and to prove something, I should export a summing of same tracks in both DAW's and ONLY then compare both audio files. He told me that audio engines works completly different when there is a lot of tracks.

Anyway, I'm not going to do further teste because I personally beleive that's this is bullshit and if there is some differences, 99% of people wouldn't get it.

This video is AWESOME mate. I've already watched it once. There is a topic in Image-Line forum discussing this Audio Myths and "DAW's war battle". In the end, what really matters is the music you do. If it sounds good and its great music, people will love it and they will not give a f*** where it was made, FOR SURE. Thanks for posting it again. Cheers!
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temperedline wrote:nice vibe

Thanks mate!
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CTStump wrote:When I first saw this thread I though "Oh no another my DAW sounds better than your DAW". I think the OP was trying to prove a point in that regard as there is no difference when it comes to "Sound" but that's another flame war. I think it would be better to show how both of these programs integrate with each other as there are benefits to using each on it's own merits.

Yeah, I agree. There's no better sounding DAW, please. That's was not my point and I think that I was clear at my point in this video trying to explain everything! I will make a video showing this further integration of programs. Nice tip. Thanks!
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bathrobe wrote:c4 and c5 are the same pitch. ^^

Actually, FL Studio piano roll works different from S1 and C5 pitch in FL Studio will "correspond" to C4 pitch in S1. Its not the same picth in terms of frequencie. I wrote a wrong sentence. Thanks.
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MarkusHassold wrote:For sure. There is so much more to a DAW. But still, I just wanted to say, that these tests all prove nothing. That does not mean, I claim there is a difference. I just will not find out by watching tests like this.

Ok guys, I got your points and I agree! My intention is not to say wich DAW sounds better ffs. I'm pretty sure that we can get almost the same results with any DAW and If there is some difference, 99% of people wouldn't get it just by listening. In this video I tried to show actually the other side, that DAW's war is bullshit IMO. Anyway, thanks for all tips and I agree with many of them...

I added a little observation with your points in my video description. Thanks!
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Just did a video with "comparison" between StudioOne and FL Studio. After talking to some guys, I just agree that this test should be a little further and deeper and to really test an AUDIO ENGINE, we should export a mix of a summing of many tracks and then to compare both audio files. With just one single audio file we can't prove everything. Anyway, my intention its not to compare audio engines or to promote a DAW war or fight, its just to show the DAW wars is bullshit IMO as ALL DAW's bascily sounds the same, and even it sounds different in some aspects, 99% of people wouldn't notice it for sure. In the end, if your music is good, it will be good and THIS IS what really matters...

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Hi. I'm 24, "brazilian trance producer" that really loves Trance music style. I've been using S1 since very first version 1.0 to produce all my trance tracks and I have until now 3 trance tracks that I wanna share with you guys. S1 is great for ANY style of music, its easy, intuitive, fast and has the BEST sound quality, since you start making the very frist beats until you hit RENDER on it!

I really love this DAW and I will only use it forever.

Check my tracks here:

Thanks. Hope you like it!

Luiz Toniolo.
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In my opinion, all labels should be obligated to keep Dynamic Range in 12, just like the old tracks.

Nowadays we don't have any dynamics in tracks and it sounds really overcompressed causing ears fatigue. ffs
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Another Audio Technica ATH-M50 user here. Really happy with this headphone as an EM producer.

It has a great bass response. IMO it's just perfect to mix my tracks. I'm REALLY in love with this one.

I would advice you to get the coiled cable version. Good luck!
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Ow, that's awesome guys. Thank you. Good luck showing new PreSonus Exchange at NAMM 2012.
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unSane wrote:Midi notes in piano roll view should be coloured from blue (cold) at 0 velocity to red (hot) at 127 velocity so that you don't have to have the velocity bars open. (Logic does this well).

If you pay attention to MIDI notes there is already some kind of gray bar inside note showing the velocity valour. Maybe they could implement the colour of that bar...
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kreeper_6 wrote:No double click, and NO right menu bloat is needed IMO.

CTRL+ Click is working just fine.

I agree! CTRL+ Click is just fine IMO too!
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