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Ok, that sounds like bug in Studio One. We will look at it.
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Hi, you will need to go back to your dealer. There are packages, where the dealer needs to get the serial number online and print it out for you. If that is the case, then the dealer missed that step. If that is not the case. tech support will help you.
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Thanks for the report and the analysis. We are looking into it.
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alekvila wrote:Well it didn't take long. Tonight I triggered the "File in Use!" bug in my "non-corrupt" song file, with a normal Save command, with the playback engine stopped. Now the song file is corrupted. I'm outta here.

I just now got aware of this thread. We would like to research this issue, but we would need the song document to analyse the problem. Could you attach it here ? We only need the .song file, not the audio files.
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Out servers are smoking, you may have to give a little time to settle.
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Your computer should be perfectly fine for what you want to do.

A few questions to shed some light on your problem:

1) How many tracks do you try to record ?
2) What exactly is the program doing after 25 seconds ?
3) If it crashes, there might be a crash dump the program creates. If so, S1 informs you about the fact. Could post that here ?
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Happy new year to all of you.

I found the problem. It should work again. Please try and let me know if the problem persists.
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Keep me posted and send the crash dump, if it happens again. I might be able to see a pattern then.
Studio One General Discussion » Studio One Artist Locks up and Shuts Down » Go to message
The second one is what I was looking for. Do you have more of these in the directory I mentioned above ?

Also, you could see if deleting the preferences changes anything. You find them in USER/Library/Preferences/Presonus/Studio One. Please delete everything in that directory, except the license file. Then start up S1 and see, if the behavior is the same.
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1) Open Options/Preferences in the Stufio One menu.
2) Click on Audio Setup
3) Select Audio Box as audio device
4) Click ok.
5) Create New Song on the Start page
6) Selected the Audio box template
7) On the track controls, click on the button next to the record button to enable monitoring.

Now you should hear something.
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MacOS creates crashdumps. Please ZIP them and attach them to this thread. We can see details about the crash in this log file.
There are two locations where you can find them:
/Users/YOURACCOUNT/Library/Application\ Support/CrashReporter
/Library/Application\ Support/CrashReporter

The one we are interested start with studioapp. You can sen them all.
Studio One Forum Community Support » S1 Project will not detect CD burner » Go to message
You could use the "Make Image" function, which creates a BIN and a CUE file and then import that into your other CD burning program.
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As Motoko said, in the Track menu there is an entry "Instrument Input Follows Selection". Make sure this is not checked. Otherwise S1 will change the monitor state when you change the track.
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I need to know a few more details.

1) When you activate Cuemix and switch to the Large Mixer view, do you see the Cuemix slots ? Like in the attached screenshot.
2) Can you move the Cuemix level fader ?
3) Do you have a signal on the output ? Note, that the VU meter on the mixer won't show the signal, because the hardware routes the input to the output directly, so you need to connect the output externally to you headphone amp for instance.

Please let me know, if that works. We will get behind the problem.
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Excactly, you need to activate the Cuemix on the Mainout to get the Zerolatency monitoring thru the main out. Did you do that ?
Do you need the Cuemix ? Are you doing a band recording ?
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