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Studio One General Discussion » Zero Latency on an instrument track? » Go to message
You cannot set up VST instruments for ZERO latency, but by adjusting "Device Block Size" in your audio settings you should be able to get it down to undetectable.
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dgkenney wrote:Maybe I am missing the point but is the picture suggesting that the new forum is only for white people who live in the suburbs have at least one kid in the witness protection program and can carry the worlds biggest boom box on their shoulders?

Studio One General Discussion » Faderport 'user' -button ideas » Go to message
Mine is "Go to previous marker." I use it all the time.
Studio One General Discussion » Can't get multi-track output » Go to message
Have you created outputs in Studio One's I/O page. I don't have S1 in front of me, but it's the top left corner of the mixer. The default is Main Out and Sub Out, and you need to "Add Stereo" or "Add Mono" as many times as you have outputs, and then route to the various outs as they are available. Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll send you more detailed info when I get home (or someone else can).

I don't use the Behringer, but I had to create and route to all of the outs on my Firestudio Projects.

Studio One Forum Community Support » tracks peak when opening a project in studio one 2 » Go to message
This has never happened to me. Can you give some system specs?
Studio One General Discussion » "Old Forum" studio picture. » Go to message
Just use the "Wayback Machine"
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Firestudio Project; What exactly does the volume knob do? » Go to message
From the manual:

"Main. The Main knob controls the output level for the main outputs on the back of the FireStudio Project and have a range of -80 dB to + 10 dB." Turning it all the way up is increasing the level by 10 dB. This will certainly make it louder, but is probably not the best way to monitor.
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » FSP serial numbers » Go to message
Once you connect them, their combined outputs will show up as a single Firestudio Project within Studio One. A simple test (plug something into input one and see which of the inputs #1 or #11 meters in Studio One) will show you which order they're in.
Studio One General Discussion » Get rid of obsolete audio devices? » Go to message
I had a similar situation recently. As I recall, I went to the Audio-MIDI Utility (I'm on a Mac), selected Window>Audio Devices, and then right-clicked the old driver and deleted it there. Or I may have selected the driver and hit the "minus" key at the bottom of the window. It no longer shows up as an option in Studio One.
Studio One General Discussion » Acoustic Guitar (or other acoustic string instrument): How are you recording them? » Go to message
Julia B wrote:Direct (LR Baggs) > Fishman Aura.

The Aura is pretty awesome, I've got to admit, but I still mic 'em up with a couple of SDCs.
Digital Audio Recording » Studio One DAW console (mixer) upgrade to look more professional » Go to message
And punctuation too we need periods and commas and question marks and things like that to make reading posts easier on the eyes and on the brain too without adding too much complicated stuff but to make requests and comments easier to understand and to get information across easier to all of the people who read them and some of them comment and try to help each other out and sometimes people don't quite get what they're saying but it still helps someone but with punctuation it could even help more people and capital letters are sometimes helpful too
Studio One Feature Requests » Pick Multiple Instruments to send MIDI to from one Track » Go to message
I use Native Instruments Kore 2 within StudioOne and it allows for any number of splits, layers etc using multiple VSTi's on only one track of StudioOne. It's discontinued now, but I'm sure there are other software solutions that let you create layers of synths from various manufacturers.
Studio One Forum Community Support » Bypassing iLok Plugins » Go to message
On my rig, I have a handful of Antares and SoundToys plugs on an iLok. If any of the iLok plugs are used on a particular song or project, the warning will come up when I open it. I never get the warning when opening StudioOne or songs that don't use iLok plugs the other times.

Worst case scenario, you'll have to reset the blacklist after hitting "cancel" after the warning screen.

I hope that makes sense.
Pre-Sales Questions » How Do I Buy the Product? » Go to message
I'm not familiar with Barclaycard, but it looks to be a bank issued Visa or Mastercard, which PreSonus and Notion accept just fine. There's likely some security issue popping up and preventing the card from being recognized or accepted. I had a similar issue with one of my cards not working with Native Instruments when I was purchasing software while on vacation. It didn't like the IP Address or some such thing and I had to contact NI directly to get the order to go through. It's likely more the fault of the payment gateway than the company itself, although that doesn't do anything to help you make the purchase.

I use Notion and find it to be the quickest and most intuitive notation software I've tried. If you can figure out how to purchase it, I believe it will be worth the hassle.
Studio One Feature Requests » Stop transport at end of song » Go to message
It works on all markers EXCEPT the Start and End markers. You can insert a regular marker at or after the end point and right-click and it should give you the option.
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